Mayo Clinic Champions

Mayo Clinic Champions share their knowledge and experience to help other patients make the best choices for their care. Champions are committed to making a difference in the lives of others facing complex health issues and always advocate for patients.


June #MonthlyMission: Celebrate Life for Cancer Survivors

As a cancer survivor, you can take care of your emotional well-being as well as your long-term health. Find out what you can do.

Share tips for taking care of yourself as a cancer survivor.

May #MonthlyMission: Share Bob's storyBob.mitral.valve.quote

Bob was diagnosed with congestive heart failure due to a leaky mitral valve. He went from being an active fisherman to barely being able to walk to the mailbox.

Share Bob's video & help others dealing with heart issues.

April #MonthlyMission: Share the message of organ donationDonateLife-Every10mins-16.9

Every 10 minutes, someone is added to the transplant waiting list. Organ donors are needed.

Share facts about organ donation.

March #MonthlyMission: Download the MScreenshot - tell a friend REAL 16.9ayo Clinic app Tell a friend

Did you know that you can help those who are looking for care from Mayo Clinic? The Mayo Clinic app has a new Tell a Friend feature that allows you to quickly share Mayo Clinic’s appointment information with others.

Get instructions

February #MonthlyMission: Heart health is for everyoneAmerican heart month MayoWearRed

February is American Heart Month, and your #MonthlyMission is to help spread the word about the importance of heart health. Mayo Clinic is dedicated to quality heart care and an advocate for helping you keep your heart healthy.

Join Mayo’s social media campaign to spread heart health facts, nutrition tips and news from heart experts. Check out the list below for your actions.

Learn more about the activities you can share in February.


January #MonthlyMission: Give back year-round in 2017

The holiday season is full of giving — to family and friends, as well as those in need. The #MonthlyMission call for the New Year is to make giving back part of your life year-round.

Take some time at the end of this year to consider the causes you're passionate about and those who need a helping hand. How can you embed helping others as an ongoing part of your life?

A unique way to give back based on your schedule is by becoming a Mayo Clinic Champion or a Mentor on the Mayo Clinic Connect online community.

Read Mentor Rosemary's story.

November #MonthlyMission: Spread an #AttitudeOfGratitudeThank You Hug FB square Attitude of Gratitude

In November, we challenge you to spread an #AttitudeOfGratitude prior to the holidays. Starting November 11, follow our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds and share the gratitude--it's healthy.

How can gratitude make you happy & healthy?

Gratitude everyday can bring happiness into your life, and that’s healthy. You can make an impact on your own life and the lives of others by practicing gratitude. Amit Sood, M.D., a Mayo Clinic stress management and resiliency expert tells us that we can “cultivate deeper gratitude by being thankful for the simple and the ordinary. It will help you become happier and more resilient.” Read more.

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October #MonthlyMission: Living organ donation awareness

In October, we challenge you to help spread the word about the need for living organ donors.


Share our living organ donor stories, messages and facts with your network.

Nearly 100,000 people in America are waiting for a kidney transplant and almost 15,000 for a liver transplant. Unfortunately, many may never get the call saying that an organ — and a second chance at life — has been found. You can help.

Share the living donation blog post.



Champions Tell Your StoryTELL YOUR STORY:
Patients often talk about their transplant as a second chance at life, whether it changed the things they could do, or extended their life to enjoy more birthdays, weddings, or dream vacations.

Share your #MySecondChance story



Champions Tell Your StoryTELL YOUR STORY: The choice to become a living organ donor gives the ultimate gift of a second chance to someone in need. Tell us why you decided to become a living donor and inspire others to take the step.

Share your living donor story


Celebrate living organ donors.
Raise awareness for those still in need.

Learn more about living donation with the Mayo Clinic Living Organ Donor toolkit.