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Aug 1, 2018

Talking about Mayo Clinic

By Tony Hart, Champion Specialist, @TonyHart87

Talk TilesWhether you are already talking about Mayo Clinic or you want to start, it’s helpful to have some points to highlight when you only have a few minutes to talk. Here are some reasons why more than 1 million people choose Mayo Clinic for their medical care each year:

  • Experience
    Specialized experts cover virtually every specialty and subspecialty. They are experienced in what they are diagnosing and treating, including rare conditions treated in few other places.
  • Finding answers
    Many people find answers at Mayo Clinic that they struggled to find anywhere else. Of all patients who came to Mayo Clinic for a second opinion, 88 percent received a new or refined diagnosis.
  • Faster, coordinated care
    What might take months elsewhere often can be done in days at Mayo Clinic. Health care provider visits, testing, surgery and hospital care are available in one place.
  • Top hospital ranking
    You know the high quality of care you received at Mayo Clinic. With Mayo Clinic consistently being recognized among the top hospitals in the nation, you can be confident that those you talk to will get that same care for their treatment.

Finding your reasons

Learn more about why others choose Mayo Clinic. There are many great reasons, but it’s important to speak to the ones that resonate with your experience.


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