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May 1, 2018

Our HABIT Team: Meet Miranda Morris

By An Oskarsson, @an_oskarsson

Miranda Morris

I first met Miranda Morris last summer in 2017, when she was the coordinator and a therapist for the Jacksonville HABIT program. Since then, she has become the Master Program Coordinator for HABIT – supporting operations for Jacksonville, Phoenix, and Rochester.  This week I got the chance to interview her and learn more about this vibrant, funny, larger-than-life lady.

An Oskarsson: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Miranda Morris: I told people that I wanted to be a mermaid until I was in Kindergarten. Then I said I wanted to be a scientist.


AO: How did you end up being a Master Program Coordinator?

MM: I originally started as a psychometrist AND a coordinator. I did that for a while until the program grew and demanded more time, so I slowly moved toward only doing HABIT stuff. Then, after being a full-time HABIT Coordinator for HABIT for a year or two, my husband got a promotion and was asked to move to Alabama. I truly love what I do, so I was heartbroken about the possibility of having to leave Mayo Clinic and HABIT. I jokingly asked Dr. Chandler if I could just work remotely from Alabama, and she supported the idea. Once we got permission for that, we discussed it with the HABIT Directors at the Arizona and Rochester sites. They supported the idea and asked me to come on board as a Master Program Coordinator so we could be more efficient and helpful to our patients.


AO: What is your favorite thing about the HABIT Program?

MM: There are so many parts that I love! I think my favorite is when I work with someone to get back to doing a hobby that they used to love, or when I can encourage someone to seek out creative activities. I now know several talented visual artists, writers and musicians.


AO: What do you usually use the “Notes” section of your calendar/planner for?

MM: I use the Notes section of my calendar to write one thing that made me laugh that day, one thing for which I am grateful and one goal for the next day.


AO: What is your favorite thing about living in Alabama?

MM:  So many different types of wildlife!


AO: What do you miss most/least about Jacksonville FL?

MM: The thing I miss the least is definitely the traffic—UGH! The thing I miss the most is the ocean.


AO: If you could only eat 5 foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?  (Don’t worry about whether it’s healthy)

MM: Tomatoes, strawberries, Moon Pies (it’s a southern thing), fresh mozzarella cheese, and pecans.


AO: Do you have a hidden talent or special skill?

MM: I paint a little. It’s one of those things that clears my mind, and I can lose myself in for hours on end.

Miranda's Painting

(Reference picture is on the left, and painting by Miranda Morris is on the right. She likes to take a little freedom with vivid colors.)

AO: What is one of your goals for 2018?

MM: To have more adventures. Even if that only means driving an hour north to go on a hike to find a waterfall that I saw on Instagram.


In addition to her multi-site program coordinator role, Miranda continues to work as a therapist for some of the HABIT sessions. We are thankful for all that she does!


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