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Wed, Dec 26, 2018 4:26pm

Forefront: The Latest Edition of Mayo Clinic Cancer Center Magazine

By Lisa Stephens, PhD, @lisastephens


Volume 7, Issue 4, December 2018

The Winter 2018 issue of the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center magazine, Forefront, has arrived. Features include brief news articles about Mayo Clinic Cancer Center research, video commentary from researchers, and investigator profiles. Click here to subscribe, read this newsletter edition or view any archives.

Director's message: A few of my favorite things

A telethon, top rankings, a new liver cancer SPORE and the NCI grant renewal are among our 2018 highlights.

U.S. News & World Report ranks Mayo Clinic top in nation

The clinic is also first overall in the honor roll and ranks first, second or third in 11 specialties.

Blood sugar, diabetes offer clues about pancreatic cancer

Patients with high blood sugar and a high ENDPAC score should be tested for pancreatic cancer.

Team IDs genes that boost risk of triple-negative breast cancer

The findings will enable expanded genetic testing and may lead to better prevention strategies.

Study supports genetic testing for pancreatic cancer

Researchers identify six genes that contain mutations that may be passed down in families.

Mayo researchers find off/on switch for DNA repair protein

The work provides a new target for developing therapeutics to help kill ovarian cancer cells.

Florida campus opens new building for cancer, neurology

The Mangurian Building is a key to the clinic's future in Florida as a destination medical center.

Meet the Investigator: Tanios S. Bekaii-Saab

In this video, Dr. Bekaii-Saab explains how his desire to improve treatment options inspires him.


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