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Mar 26, 2018

What Is Your Word?

By Megan Roessler M. Ed., @meganroessler

shutterstock_362934581I was reading a recent article in The Washington Post by Darlena Cunha. ( see article ) The article itself discusses whether or not to proactively get a mastectomy based on being a gene type carrier that increases the risk of breast cancer.  The interesting part of the article to me was a portion where she interviewed a cancer researcher, who herself developed breast cancer.  The woman said that she hated cancer being described as a battle.  To her that claimed ownership and action – either success or failure in the battle.  She felt it should be described as an illness.

That statement got me thinking – what words do we use to describe the diagnosis of cancer? And how does this compare to other diagnoses?    Synonyms for battle are clash, struggle, duel, fight.  Synonyms for illness are sickness, disease, ailment, affliction.  Words are personal.  Which word do you choose personally for yourself in regards to cancer?

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