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Nov 26, 2019

Upcoming Empowered to Live Well Session on Cancer-Related Brain Fog

By Wendy Hanson, @wendyhanson

shutterstock_536001130Don't miss next week's Beyond the Diagnosis: Empowered to Live Well session on cancer-related "brain fog." Come listen to Dr. Matthew Powell, a Clinical Neuropsychologist in Psychiatry and Psychology at Mayo Clinic explain what it is and how to manage it.

The session will be held on December 3rd, 2019 in the Cancer Education Center located in the lobby level of the Gonda Building from noon to 1pm CT. The session will not be recorded due to patient confidentiality in the presentation room itself.

Unable to attend? Visit the Cancer Education Center for more information on this topic and much more. We are here to support and connect you to resources when you need them most.

Connect with others managing cancer-related brain fog and other symptoms in the online support group Cancer: Managing Symptoms.

Will there be any written material regarding this session on December 3. I am very interested in brain fog regarding cancer related illnesses. I am a 6year cancer survivor. Thankyou


Our team will be posting a follow-up article based on the content shared during tomorrow's session. In the meantime, both and have information on Chemo Brain including signs, symptoms, questions to ask your doctor, and more.


I attended the Cancer-Related Brain Fog session yesterday, very interesting. The most important thing I walked away with is that Cancer Fog is a real thing and not something I imagine. Thank you Laurie


Hi @susan1954, in addition to the follow-up article that Wendy and team will post, you may wish to jump over to the discussion that @roch started in the Cancer: Managing Symptoms group:

– Cancer Related Brain Fog

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