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Oct 9, 2018

Forefront: The Latest Edition of Mayo Clinic Cancer Center Magazine

By Lisa Stephens, PhD, @lisastephens


The Fall 2018 issue of the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center magazine, Forefront, has arrived. Features include brief news articles about Mayo Clinic Cancer Center research, video commentary from researchers, and investigator profiles. Click here to subscribe, read this newsletter edition or view any archives.

Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2018

Director's message: Speeding up the pace of cancer research
Sobering statistics about ovarian cancer underscore the need to quickly develop novel therapies.

Mayo researchers a step closer to DNA test for liver cancer
The confirmation of abnormal markers may pave the way for a blood test for primary liver cancer.

Breast cancer survivors aren't getting recommended mammograms
Post-surgery screening mammography rates miss the mark, especially for African-American women.

Finding may lead to personalized ovarian, brain cancer therapy
Researchers discovered a molecular communication pathway has a key role in oncolytic virus therapy.

Potential new treatment for triple negative breast cancer ID'd
Results from the BEAUTY study show that the drug decitabine had an effect at a low therapeutic dose.

New technology overcomes false-positives in CT for lung cancer
Researchers used radiomics to test variables to distinguish a benign nodule from a cancerous nodule.

Mayo Clinic joins network to improve access to clinical trials
A partnership for the Cancer Center and Mayo Clinic Health System reduces travel burdens for patients.

Meet the investigator: Roxana S. Dronca, M.D.
In this video, Dr. Dronca, a hematologist-oncologist, discusses her research on tumor immunology.

I wish there had been information about cancer when I received the news Friday, September 12, 1975 that I had stage 4 Nodular Lymphoma. It was my father's birthday and I got to tell him. My then husband was in the Navy, out to sea, he received the news on his birthday on the 15th. I am thankful for the Navy and all they did, otherwise my parents would have sent me to Rochester even if they lost everything, They did not want to lose their only daughter.




Thank you for sharing your story with us. As you read the information in Forefront, I hope you are comforted by the ongoing research and state-of-the art treatment in cancer and medicine. As a cancer survivor, I hope you continue to share your story and the impact it had on you and your family.

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