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Jun 1, 2018

Early Cancer Therapeutics Group and Clinical Trials at Mayo Clinic

By Lisa Stephens, PhD, @lisastephens


The Early Cancer Therapeutics Group within the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center provides access to the most current phase I clinical trials available from Mayo Clinic researchers, pharmaceutical companies and the National Cancer Institute. These trials are offered at all three Mayo Clinic campuses in Arizona, Florida, and Minnesota.

Phase I trials are designed to study the safety of the new treatment. In contrast, later phases of clinical trials – phase II and III – seek to determine the effectiveness of the new treatment while also still continuing to study its safety.

At the time of this publishing, Mayo Clinic is currently offering 46 phase I studies among our three Mayo Clinic sites. You can search the list of phase I clinical trials offered at Mayo Clinic.

You can also search our listing of all cancer clinical trials offered through our Cancer Center at Mayo Clinic by typing in your search terms and/or using the filters on the left side of the page. In addition, you can contact the Mayo Clinic Cancer Clinical Trials Referral Office toll-free at 855- 776-0015 for assistance in searching for Mayo Clinic Cancer Clinical Trials or completing the clinical trials request form.

Adult patients who have not responded to standard treatment options and are interested in phase I trials at Mayo Clinic should plan to be evaluated in our Early Therapeutics Group for an initial consultation at any of our three Mayo Clinic sites in Arizona, Florida, or Minnesota. At the appointment, a specialist will discuss potential trial opportunities, may conduct initial test to screen for eligibility, and discuss more details of a study in which you may be eligible. If, at the time of the consultation, we do not offer a study in which the cancer patient is eligible, the patients name will be placed on a wait-list.

All cancer patients should feel free to talk to your cancer medical specialist about all treatment options including clinical trials. A referral to Mayo Clinic is helpful but not always necessary. Also, be sure to check with your insurance plan to make sure you understand you coverage as it relates to the Mayo Clinic site in which you are interested in pursuing an appointment.

Have you received care as part of a clinical trial? What has been your experience? We would appreciate hearing from you.

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