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Mar 5, 2019

Saying goodbye to chronic pain, thanks to nerve stimulation

By William D. Mauck, M.D., @williamdma

Ron Schlict and Wife

Originally posted via Sharing Mayo Clinic on March 4, 2019

Ron Schlicht thought the chronic pain he'd been living with in his right leg was never going to go away. That began to change, however, after Ron came to Mayo Clinic and met the care team in the Pain Clinic.

Ron Schlicht lived with the effects of meralgia paresthetica for years. "Depending on the day, it would give me different sensations," he says of the chronic pain in his right thigh. "Most of the time, it was very painful if something would rub against my thigh. I do a lot of air travel for work, so I was always brushing up against other people. It was just very uncomfortable."

The condition wasn't a problem just for Ron, but for those close to him, too. "When you're in chronic pain, you brace yourself for it at the start of each day," he says. "That unknowingly makes your body and mind tense. My friends and family were telling me I was becoming edgy and quiet, and that I'd get irritated easily. I was always so focused on trying to ignore the pain and live with the fact that there was nothing I could do."

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I’m new to this group. I suffer from failed back surgery. My legs hurt so bad, nerve pain is severe . I do brace myself for the minute by minute day. I’m scheduled for the temporary pain stimulator in April. I’m out of options but more pain pills and Lyrica which makes me terribly dizzy.


A temporary pain stimulator? I haven't heard of it … can it kill the pain of neuropathy ? Peggy


A temporary pain stimulator? I haven't heard of it … can it kill the pain of neuropathy ? Peggy

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It isa test which is preformed prior to a more permanent implant to make sure the patient is receptive to that particular therapy. It works on nerves which come off your spine to block those signals. I take Lyrica and amitriptyline for neuropathy with good results. I have a pain pump for other pain issues.


Thank you! I see my neurologist in a week, I will ask if it might help me. Peggy


pfbacon, ask your neurologist about the pain pump while you are there, seriously.

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