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Tue, Apr 4 2:35am

April #MonthlyMission: Share the message of organ donation

By Tony Hart, Champions Specialist, @TonyHart87

DonateLife-Every10mins-16.9Every 10 minutes, someone is added to the transplant waiting list. Organ donors are needed. With April being National Donate Life Month, it’s a great time to learn more about the organ donation process and raise awareness of the need.

Donate Life Month challenge

*Bonus: Learn the process for registering as an organ donor.


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Posted by @kellyrn7, Sat, Aug 5 10:51am

Once we are gone we no longer need the organs in our body. Why not allow others who may need a new heart, for example, use yours?


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Posted by @catgic, Sat, Aug 5 11:25am

@kellyrn7 – Very true, RN Kelly. Last Spring, when I was at MCF for a well-check, I signed up as an organ donor.

The local Jacksonville, FL “Donate Life/Done Vida” group had a table set up in the hallway/lobby outside the Mayo Clinic Davis Building cafeteria. They had both a heart transplant and a kidney transplant recipient helping them at the Donate Life/Done Vida sign-up solicitation table. The two folks were in their upper 50s/lower 60s. These transplant recipients were talking to and sharing their story me there in the Mayo hallway/lobby because a couple of 20-Something year old deceased accident victims were good enough to check the Organ Donor box on their Florida Drivers License.

I am in excellent health for the age I occupy. However, my parts and pieces, though well cared for, are vintage septuagenerian. The “Donate Life/Done Vida” group said, “Not To Worry.” they would be glad to recycle them where I to cease operating @ 98.7 F, and become asymptotic to the Outside Air Ambient Temperature. 🙂


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Posted by @ihatediabetes, Sat, Aug 5 3:14pm

I went to a funeral and the deceased had donated his eyes. I read that most people are eligible to make eye donation even if not eligible for other organs. Another thing that I was looking at is donating my body to science. That’s something you can do too.

Posted by @rosemarya, Tue, Oct 10 12:25pm

I am happy to share the message’ Donate Life every month!
I proudly display my Kentucky “Donate Life” License plate on my car. So does my husband. I have added a special frame that says, “An Organ Donor Saved My Life”.

Rosemary – liver/kidney 2009

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