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Dec 12, 2016 · Live Q&A - Endurance Running: Training your Mind & Body for Victory in Healthy Living

I hope you read in the latest Scientific American Mind, that exercise is the best way to treat and to prevent depression. A multitude of studies have shown exercise is much more effective than anti-depressants or psychotherapy, with no harmful side effects. Please let people know this.

Jul 23, 2016 · Vitamin C for cancer treatment in Cancer

Science magazine in the past year has recognized that vitamin C may be able to treat some forms of cancer. I was fortunate that my research as a biochemistry professor over 38 years had me aware of this when I developed cancer. It was superficial bladder carcinoma SBC), which kills 16,000 annually in the US. After removal, it recurs up to 90% of the time within 5 years with the current best treatment, BCG therapy, which is expensive, time consuming and required for life.

I developed superficial bladder carcinoma (aggressive invasive) 5 years ago. It was removed, and I began BCG therapy. But as a vitamin C (AA) researcher, I worked with 2 expert cancer research and physician friends to develop an AA dosage and therapy that I began after that year of BCG. Taking 2g of AA orally twice a day two consecutive days each week produces a concentration of AA in the bladder that is likely to kill cancer cells. I have published the clinical trial where we developed this dosage, and a research poster is available on line explaining how vitamin C may treat many cancers, esp. SBC. I had a biopsy of my own SBC a few weeks ago, and I continue cancer free after 5 years.

With the invention of liposomal vitamin C, it is now possible to increase serum concentration of vitamin C orally, without the requirement for intravenous vitamin C. I recommend discussing this with a knowledgeable cancer physician if you are dealing with cancer.