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4 days ago · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

Thanks for your response, Colleen. The most troublesome bulging disc is in my lower right side. I did see a spine surgeon after tests, MRI, etc. he said considering my age, the complicated surgery and recuperation time, it would be too risky for someone of my age. He recommended a pain management clinic which has been wonderful. They gave me injections and so far after months I am still able to walk.
My shoulder started hurting after I tried raking my yard. It has gone down my arm and now there is numbness in part of lower arm and thumb and two fingers. They are weak. I have an appointment this week with a diagnostic clinic to check out for me. There is pain, but not all the time

5 days ago · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

Hi my name is Betty Walker. I am 88years old, I lost my husband 10/6/2018 and we lost our youngest son 7/2/86. I have one married son who has Parkinson's Disease, no grandchildren, one doggie and two Parakeets. I live in a retirement community located in Florida. I have bulging discs in my spine which I have received injections for. Think it's time to consider another. I have recently developed problems with my left arm, hand and fingers. Have appointment 7/9 for a diagnostic exam. I am happy to be here to share. Want to wish each of you a Happy 4th of July!

Sun, Jun 21 10:19am · How do you change the perception of aging? in Aging Well

I am thankful for the years God has given me. I live in a retirement community, and enjoy my own apartment. I'm 88 and people frequently tell me I don't look or act my age. I believe being grateful and loving others is the key to living a life filled with joy and contentment. I lost my husband almost two years ago. We were married 62 years and he was the love of my life. I had to change gears and learn to live a different life. I think of each major change as a new challenge. Are they easy? No, but when I treat them as new challenges, I find them doable. My strength comes from my God. He is good. Life is short, enjoy each day as the beautiful gift it is.

Thu, Mar 19 6:01am · Visual Escapes and Daily Inspirations: Share Yours in COVID-19

I like this photo. I only take snapshots with my phone, but I do take a number along the way. I am a widow and live with Wally my little Shizue (spelling?). We live in a retirement community. I create greeting cards and paint rocks for a hobby. 🙂 . Also make Fairy Lanterns.

Mar 30, 2019 · Sciatica in Chronic Pain

Thanks to all who replied. It seems that I'm getting no better. It is painful to walk, even with a walker. I'm trying to get new MRI to take to Neurosurgeon, who I plan to go see even if I don't get surgery. Would like to know if there are any other options for me.

Mar 27, 2019 · Sciatica in Chronic Pain

I agree that the pain from sciatica is horrible. I honestly don't know how I can live with it. I'm sorry you had a difficult time with the surgery. I am afraid of it.

Mar 27, 2019 · Sciatica in Chronic Pain

The in-home physical therapy went well. However, pain is still with me. I have called a Neurosurgeon for the 2nd time with no reply as yet. I actually am afraid of the surgery because of my age (87). I did the exercises on my own today.

Mar 26, 2019 · Sciatica in Chronic Pain

I'm still fighting Sciatica. I had my last spinal injection 3/11. This one did not work well as the two before did. I developed a steroid headache and my blood pressure went dangerously high. I spent two different nights in the ER. I still have the pain as well as weakness in my leg. I have fallen a number of times and now using a walker. I plan to call for an appointment with a neurosurgeon this morning. I'm hoping there is an answer other than surgery because I am 87 years old and do not want to face surgery. A physical therapist is coming to my home today and I am looking forward to whatever he has to suggest. I can find no medication to stop this pain. Any suggestions?