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Jul 8, 2016 · Former dr. said petit mal seizures, new doc thinks maybe not seizures in Epilepsy & Seizures

Hi I’ve had seizures since age 8 and was diagnosed Petit Mal seizure. I was also on lots of meds prior. I recently started to see a new Neurologist in town in Jacksonville, FL and he says it may not be seizures. Right now, it’s happening only in the middle of the night.My EEG in clinic and MRI were both normal. He wants to do EEG with Video for 72 hrs. My insurance have a high deductible. Does anybody know of any grants that will help pay for it? My insurance also doesn’t cover Mayo. Neurologist thinks It’s anxiety, depression, etc.. Also, I have told him that I think it increases with stress. There will also be times that I don’t have seizures for example: like a year and a half and then it would come back. It’s off and on. Thank you in advance!