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Sep 16, 2017 · getting listed in Transplants

SCLE they give you Hydroxocholquine, and stay out of the sun. But now I have a little cancer near my eye that they have to cut out consultation with surgeon is the 29th. The hits just keep on coming,lol,

May 16, 2017 · getting listed in Transplants

Just been busy. Had another apt last week sodium went up but I think it was a fluke as it was much lower 2 weeks prior. So things are basically the same. still dealing with the SCLE But hopefully we are getting that under control. Other than that I just continue to work on training Saoirse. It is coming along, albeit slowly. But I guess she is still a puppy (7) mo. Thanks for touching base Craig

Mar 23, 2017 · Getting your first appointment in Visiting Mayo Clinic

gotta love the way they work, I could have written that,lol

Jan 24, 2017 · getting listed in Transplants

Hi Jim, I am with you on the no pet thing. People don’t get it I am having a tough time already trying to train a llewellin setter into a service dog without extra distractions. I got her to be a medical alert dog for me as I have internal bleeding events and live alone. she is only 4 mo old but already knows I am ill.It is hard taking her to stores and such right now because of her curiosity but it will get better as she gets older. The bus divers gave me grief the other day said she looked like a bird dog not a service dog so I asked him what a service dog looks like..lol .When I ordered her vest I asked for in training patches but the sent me regular patches so I have to order more. Training patches would quell some questions. yes I am going to get another copy of my paperwork from one of my 20 or so Drs to keep with me. I have already printed a copy of the ADA regs. to show anyone if they ask. And I like talking about my dog as well:) Craig

Jan 24, 2017 · getting listed in Transplants

Me I am OK I guess, kinda the same you know up down,up, down Saoirse on the other hand is Awesome! We are working on her training, and she is coming along,. it is hard but It is a good distraction for me. Her being a puppy makes it hard to be out in public with her , paparazzi, you know. But everyone wants to pet her , and that is something you can’t let them do. Makes me feel bad for Saoirse as she is a friendly dog. It is also kinda tough because she has been bred to be a hunter, so she is very curious, but we will get through it.

Jan 24, 2017 · getting listed in Transplants

Hi Rosemary IDK how all these msgs got lost,lol

Jan 24, 2017 · getting listed in Transplants

FYI Saoirse is Gaelic/Irish for LIBERTY, Bas No Saoirse!

Jan 23, 2017 · getting listed in Transplants

As you see by the above photo she has a spare bed, which is right next to the couch. But she is small yet so we share,lol. I just got my labs back and i think they mixed my blood up with someone else’s. As rotten as I feel they cant be mine. not in 30 days. suddenly everything ih dead center in range? Something is amiss or I was abducted by aliens and got a transplant without knowing it. An investigation is pending,lol. there were only 5 things out of range and not by much could have been someone who wasn’t even sick. I know it seems unlikely, but something isn’t right. I was in ICU for 3 weeks when this first happened, have been banded at least 4 times, two bouts with ascites in the hospital an HE event(though not but grade 2) last mo my platelets were 46k.and have been dropping 10k a month. I get my labs done every 30 days so we will see. Funny they are never the same as they are at Mayo. When I go to the lab there are 50 people there the place is always packed so I could see a mistake being made. One more pain in the butt…. Anyway back to Saoirse. I recommend anyone who is able to get one just like her! She does make this a little easier to take,keeps me distracted, and is good company. shoulda done it sooner! Have a great day!