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Wed, Jun 12 10:55am · I have ovarian cancer in Gynecologic Cancers

Thanks for the info! I have a gyn appointment but hopefully with no full blown symptoms she will do an ultrasound. Am starting to have cramps and don't think that is normal at 66 years old!

Sat, Jun 8 5:24pm · I have ovarian cancer in Gynecologic Cancers

Just posted about symtoms of ovarian cancer, forgot to mention had a mother and sister with breast cancer.

Sat, Jun 8 5:14pm · I have ovarian cancer in Gynecologic Cancers

I would like to hear about the symptoms of ovarian cancer. I started putting on a pound a week and I've always had a flat stomach, now have bloated big belly! Have not changed my diet or excercise and have a BMI of 22. I've had bloodwork done, CBC, thyroid A1C ect. My thyroid has always been low and have been on meds since the 80's. My doctor increased it slightly. Other then that everything was in range. I've told my doctor something is wrong, don't just gain a pound a week because I'm 66, now up 10 pounds. Had women's check last year and was told after 65 no longer need one. I have made a gyn appointment but couldn't get in for 6 weeks. Thanks for any info

Sat, Jun 8 5:03pm · Fructose Malabsorption in Digestive Health

I also have fructose malabsorption also cannot have any sugars or fruits but didn't realize that cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and anything with seeds are also fruit. Cheated over the hoildays and paid the price for several months!

Wed, Apr 17 2:04pm · Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO) in Digestive Health

I eat 2 scrambled eggs with cheese, no fruit juice and I cannot tolerate oatmeal, really burns my stomach! If you don't have a lactose problem you can have plain yogurt with a scoop of protein powder, taste great but watch what type of protein you buy, you can get some with just whey protein, cocoa and stevia or monk fruit. A protein breakfast will stick with you for along time.

Wed, Apr 17 12:06pm · Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO) in Digestive Health

Yes fiber bars of all kinds are the worst! Also a most of the protein bars are high in fiber!

Wed, Apr 17 12:04pm · Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO) in Digestive Health

I had a fructose breath test and lactose breath test before having Linx surgery. They were both negative. After surgery I was still unable to get off my PPI's finally I cut out fruit and within in 2 days all acid and gas went away!! Never took another PPI. Also A1C dropped from 6.2 to 5.7, something I could never get down. Once I realized that anything with seeds is a fruit, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc my A1c went to 5.4, normal! But also no sugar or sugar products, have to be careful here because there are many names for sugar. After cheating over the holidays I was sick with horrible stomach problems for several months but back to normal now, but gained weight I can't get off! never had that problem! Yes doctors think fruit is the holy grail but 30% of the population has a fructose intolerance or malabsorption and don't know it! Also I have to make sure the fiber content from foods is low, fruits and fibers stay in the upper intestine and basically rot causing gas, pain, and acid and take several days to digest. I eat protein and vegetables and have completely normal bowel movements daily!

Thu, Mar 28 1:06pm · Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO) in Digestive Health

I would find a new doctor!!