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Thu, Jan 17 3:49pm · Muscle spasms 2 years after hip replacement surgery in Joint Replacements

Recovery has gone well. Went back to traveling this week with work. At the hotel, I used the stair master and for the first time in years was pain-free. Lost some stamina but that will return. Hardest recovery aspect has been convincing my brain it won't hurt stepping with the right side. Thanks for asking

Wed, Jan 16 6:16pm · Muscle spasms 2 years after hip replacement surgery in Joint Replacements

Had right hip replaced 6 weeks ago. Was very uptight and the doctors put me at ease. Much better than expected and the pain was minimal. Wish I had had the procedure much earlier!

Dec 18, 2018 · Has anyone had sharp thigh pain after hip replacement in Joint Replacements

I had THR 2 weeks ago. I too am in good shape and active. PT has been an ongoing blessing where they can challenge me and advise me on some of the issues with my form walking and exercising. I like to be pushed and challenged so this works well for me. I still have pain in various areas but find with exercising and walking the pain decreases.

Dec 10, 2018 · epidural for total hip replacement in Joint Replacements

Had rt hip replaced 6 days ago with an epidural and your Dr. Is correct. I can't really describe as it was all quick and like finger prick. It worked great and I'm one who is a worry wart. All is good and listening to PT, slow it all down. Good luck with your upgraded hip!

Dec 8, 2018 · Hip replacement after having had kidney transplant in Transplants

Blood work was follow up on my kidney. Making sure no issues after surgery. No real extra precautions needed although I felt much better going into the hip replacement knowing if an issue arose the kidney team was on another floor. The healing process is going better than I expected and they all continue to remind me to drink water.

Dec 6, 2018 · Hip replacement after having had kidney transplant in Transplants

Thanks, for checking in with me. Had hip replacement at Mayo Jacksonville on Tuesday after having kidney replacement in 16. Was discharged late last night and meeting today with the nurse and PT folks at home. I will be heading back to Mayo for blood work tomorrow. I love how the orthopedics and kidney teams have communicated throughout the process and continue to do so. Now my PT therapist has arrived for my first session, should be interesting.

Oct 15, 2018 · Time change in Transplants

I travel weekly and normally do good on the morning pills. I noticed a pattern of being late on my evening pills. I now have my phone alarm go off at 8. Many times I'm out to dinner with folks and it becomes a good time to share my kidney journey. Surprisingly, many decide to tell me about medical issues they have. 8 and 8 works for me but if 7 works I would go with it. While I was hospitalized 2x they changed my pill time to 7 and 7 due to shift change.

Oct 6, 2018 · Self-Care Tips for Transplant Patients in Transplant

Had my flu shot 3 weeks ago, scheduled hip replacement for Dec., at Mayo. Feeling good!