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Feb 16, 2018 · Ostomy: Adapting to life after colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy in Digestive Health

Have you tried looking into a retired RN who might live in one of the RV parks down there? We live in RV resort and there are many retired nurses willing to help out people. They do it for the “need” not compensation. Maybe put ad in paper. My husband had transplant in 2009 then lost his bladder to cancer in 2016.

Dec 28, 2017 · Living Donor in Transplants

It was discovered during regular exam. He had enlarged bladder so they have been watching since transplant.

Dec 28, 2017 · Living Donor in Transplants

My husband had his bladder removed in June 2016 here at Mayo in Phoenix and they removed his old kidneys. His transplanted kidney kidney held up during this 12 hour surgery. It was like a second miracle.

Dec 28, 2017 · Living Donor in Transplants

My husband had a living kidney donor (neighbor) in 2009 at age of 66 at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. He has been through bladder cancer since and transplanted kidney is still doing great. Getting a healthy living donor can give a dialysis patient many more years of normal life.