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Jun 9, 2016 · Parasite infection - natural remedy vs antibiotic in Digestive Health


I had a comprehensive stool test done six months ago and it found that I was infected by the dientamoeba fragiis trophs parasite. I was keen to eradicate it naturally so my nutritionist put me on a course of grapefruit seed extract, black walnut and wormwood, oil of oregano and probiotics supplements. Four months later I had another stool test done and it is still there. Very frustrating.

I am now leaning towards the ‘medical’ route of Iodoquinol which I have heard is very effective. Will this knock out lots of beneficial bacteria? If so, I guess I can take lots of kefir, live yoghurt and probiotics to help?

Hoping someone can advise as to how damaging Iodoquinol can be to healthy bacteria…

Thanks in advance