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Thu, Jun 11 2:42pm · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

Everyone here seems to have their own method, their own partial solution. Here's one I found just recently when I thought my skin was 'on fire' yet itchy beyond belief. I couldn't sleep at all, skin was hot, hot hot, even with A/C on. So I started cooling my skin with cold wet cloths. I did this 3X & after about 1 hr, I even felt calmer, my itch was at bay, my head was calm. This was at 1:00 a.m. I laid down to sleep & voila I did until about 6:30. The same scenario happened again last night(06/10/2020) so I did the same cool down procedure and once again I felt better & my itches were temporarily calmed to the point I could fall asleep. My treatment regimen looks like this: Right now I am having UV phototherapy, Accutane, and Blestex an anti-histamane, Lyrica, and a store full of anti-itch creams, ointments, including Zinc-Oxide, EmuAide, CortAide, & more. I'm still convinced it is related to the metal in my blood,Aluminum. Getting re-tested next week. More to come. As I write this I am obsessed with scratching everywhere!

Sat, Jun 6 7:35am · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

At my insistence, I was tested for heavy metal since my GD started approx. 15-18 months post-op for a Total Knee replacement. No Chromium, Copper, or Nickel BUT I tested +ve for Aluminum! Very High! About 4-5 X the norm. Then 3 months later in a follow-up test the numbers went up again! By 15%. My Grover's is also still a major concern as it has now continued to spread through my whole body-hands, arms, back, legs, even the tops of my feet. I am miserable. My clothes are blood stained as are my sheets, & pillow cases. Nothing quells the itch. So to me there is a close connection to metal in the blood and GD. As I write this my skin in some areas is burning.

Sun, Apr 19 4:46pm · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

MariannJ: Thanks for the info about Accutane. Even though I am on a small dose it could explain why I feel down and sometimes my thoughts are not very optimistic. I'll be 76 in a week and I always thought I/we would have a nice 'comfortable' retirement. Well that has been blown out of the water. 1st, my wife was diagnosed with Dementia 8 years ago and has been in a Long Term Care home for 3 years now. I go & feed her lunch everyday, walk her when she can, sit with her etc. Now along comes CoVid-19-total lockdown. Haven't seen her in over a month. Grover's is making me crazy. What a life! As John Lennon said: Life is what happens when you're busy making plans.

Fri, Apr 17 11:16am · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

Thanks for your reply. I am on Accutane 10 mg. which is a much lower dose than you were taking. I spoke with my Dermatologist yesterday and she doesn't want to increase the dosage yet pending lab tests in a few weeks(4) to see what effect it may have on my Liver. Meanwhile I am suffering from lack of sleep. irratability, poor personal thoughts, and more, not the least of which is constantly scratching some part of my body (Head, Neck, Chest,Arms, Legs, etc. etc.) I can't go more than 30 seconds without having to scratch.

Wed, Apr 15 1:27pm · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

@gardeningjunkie-you say(said)"Because of this site we have read that cilantro works as a heavy metal detox ". I have posted on this blog but my posts didn't appear until much later. Here's my point, big or nothing at all: Everyone here in the 'Cilantro Club' has been experiencing results, mostly good, or even mildly good, which as a sufferer from GD is a god send. I'm one too. I'm writing this during the CoVid-19 Lockdown so access to fruits, Veg's etc. is not always easy. On to my query: Has anyone here ever thought that maybe, just maybe, the 'cause' of their GD could be related to a heavy metal presence in their body/blood? And maybe, just maybe since Cilantro is known to help remove toxic heavy metals, that is the reason for the vast improvements people are experiencing? I had a Total Knee Replacement done in 2018, and in 2019 I developed a rash at the site of the operated knee. Recently I opted to have a metal sensitivity test done and found that my Aluminum level was way high, over the High level even. To-date there is no explanation as to how and why. BUT in Jan. 2020 I started a new rash, thinking it was related to the other, but it turned out to be (via Biopsy) Grover's. I still don't know how my Alum. level came to be so high so I am about to 'gasp' try the Cilantro route and if it works and IF my Alum. levels also decline, then there could be a definite co-relation between GD & Heavy Metals. Just sayin'. My GD is restrictive, and intereferes with my daily life and activities, sleep especially as I now am lucky to get 3-4 hours of sleep a night. Itch/Scratch etc.

Sun, Apr 12 11:38am · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

I am male (75) with recently diagnosed GD. Also I had a TKR done in July of 2018 which is still a problem. I developed a rash around my operated knee leading me to think I was having a metal sensitivity to my knee prosthesis. So I opted to pay the $ and get tested for that. The tests came back -ve for the metals in the knee but +ve for Aluminum! My numbers were over the hi limit. I have no idea how I come to have so much aluminum in my blood. (I don't use alum. cookware) Big Question: Is it possible that this level of Aluminum is responsible for my GD? If so, will taking Cilantro (help) remove this metal from my system? I am desperate. I sleep maybe 3-4 hrs. at night then I scratch for several hours before falling asleep for 1- 1 1/2 hrs due to exhaustion. I have blood stains on my pillow, sheets, shirts, underwear etc. I sometimes forget to carry my cell phone but my back scratcher is my constant companion. I'm on Acutane (10 mg), Blexten(20mg) and Lyderm(0.05%) cream. None of which is helping at all. My rash is everywhere. Bumps are forming, becoming permanent. Clothing, pressure, seems to aggravate the condition. There is no relief. It makes me think, wonder how human beings have survived this long with so many frailties, so many conditions, diseases. Evolution must have missed something or our DNA would be better equipped to handle these sorts of events.

Sun, Apr 12 11:17am · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

Ok I have been reading every single post here. I'm now on page 11. I am male, 75 yo & was diagnosed approx 1 month ago with GD. Now here's the thing. I was told, read & believed that GD is an 'old man's disease' yet the majority of contributors here are female. So where are all these geezers? I will also post my story closer to the end of these posts.

Fri, Apr 10 10:18am · Swelling and stiffness, 3 years after total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

I had TKR (R) July 2018 and I still have swelling and stiffness after nearly 2 years post-op. X-Rays, Ultra sound, Blood tests, nerve blocks etc etc. and the pain (only during certain movements) is always present. Developed a rash at my knee but Dr.'s say it's not a reaction to the knee (materials). I disagree. I have swelling from the knee joint line right down to the ankle. And the more I stand, walk, do stairs, etc. the more I pay for that in tiredness, stiffness, pain(lateral side) to the point that I feel that exercise worsens my condition. And that's what happened after the TKR too. My TKR knee is 1" larger in circum. than the L side. Likewise the R leg is larger due to Edema down to the ankle. I know I have a lot of 'Scar Tissue' and that probably is the main reason I have stiffness, etc. I've had Arthroscopy surgery to remove scar tissue, & do a manual manip. of the knee but 3 weeks after it was back to where it was before. I need a 'Sherlock Holmes' to figure out what to do. My life sucks now due to reduced activity. When I try & pick up an object off the floor, I look like a Giraffe. I can't kneel down. I'm protective all the time of my knee. And now my L knee needs attention. But that won't happen or I'd be in a wheelchair.