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Sat, Jul 18 6:38pm · Prognosis in treating carpal tunnel left untreated for 50 years in Bones, Joints & Muscles

My doc suspects carpal tunnel in both wrists and wants me too go out for a special test. I live very far North in Canada so I need to fly out. I have wrist/hand braces,take Diclofenac,Aleve,,Tylenal and Tramedol and it is helping. Throw in a little cannibus and I can usually dull the pain. It all started with trigger finger and got worse? I hear that Tumeric is a help and B6 . I am 76 soon and do not Really want an operation.

Wed, Mar 25 10:40am · Diet for diabetic and low oxalate requirements in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I have cut back on oxylates but not much difference yet.

Tue, Mar 17 6:57pm · Oxalates in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I have had a lot of muscle and joint pain,something like fibromyalgia. My research points to the foods in the oxalete group. I always though these were healthy foods,not for me. Like nuts,fruit,berries,spinach,potatoes,coffee,tea,vitamin C, google it. Anyone else have any experience with this ? Lots of information on the net . So far so good. Vitamin B6 and 12 are also recommended.

Thu, Feb 27 7:16pm · Low blood pressure in Heart & Blood Health

Thanks, I will keep tabs on it with my BP home machine.

Thu, Feb 27 7:16pm · Low blood pressure in Heart & Blood Health

My blood pressure is only 107/62,pulse 64. I feel weak and easily confused. I am a 75 year old male

Wed, Feb 12 12:00am · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

My CBD costs about a dollar a day,less than a cup of coffee. I need them both.

Sat, Feb 8 10:29pm · End of stem pain after total hip replacement in Joint Replacements

Thanks,I will follow up on this