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Oct 24, 2017 · First Time and Terrified in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Hi Leah- Never think that your concerns or problems are silly. As a friend of mine says, “there are minor illnesses which is what everyone else has, then there are major illnesses which is what I have.” LOL. Seriously though sometimes optimism can be difficult to find but do your best to believe you too will have a good outcome. #keepupthegoodfight

Oct 23, 2017 · First Time and Terrified in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Hi Leah- I hope you are feeling more calm and confident after reading the replies from other Mayo patients. I do have a miracle story for you. Let me give you a little background first: I live in Alabama, a 17 hour drive from Rochester, Minnesota (but it has most certainly worth the multiple trips)!! I was born with a very rare bone disease. I had several surgeries as a child to correct some things. But as an adult I did not have a doctor to monitor or treat my condition because no one in my area knew anything about the disease. So fast forward to 5 years ago. I was in tremendous pain in my joints but especially my R ankle. I had seen the “best doctors” in Alabama and Georgia and my best option according to all of them was amputation. A relative of mine was familiar with Mayo and suggested it to me. What a blessing! I have since had complete ankle reconstruction that is nothing short of a miracle. I will not tell you that it has been easy traveling to and from, or that it was an easy, pain free surgery but I will tell you that I have so much confidence in and respect for the doctors and staff at Mayo. I have also had surgery on my left leg, undergone some cutting-edge technology to lengthen a bone in my right leg, received great care from cardiology, gastroenterology and podiatry. I will be making the trip again next month to see a neurologist because my evidence of my disease has now shown up in my skull. But I go with full expectation that Mayo will once again know the answers. Leah, I wish you the best and pray that your journey to wellness will be as successful as mine.

Jun 26, 2017 · Knee replacement with metal rod above knee in Joint Replacements

Hi @JustinMcClanahan – I will try to offer an abbreviated version of my situation. Due to Ollier’s disease, bone structure, and previous fractures, my leg stability is questionable without any supplemental support. My doctor and I have discussed several options, ranging from no stabilizer to using bone to replace the metal rod. The latter is the option the seems most viable right now. I will see dr again in August to hopefully finalize plans for TKR. I am very familiar with rehabbing a TKR, since my mom and mother-in-law have both had that experience. So my concern is just how much difference might arise with that additional work being added to the TKR?

Jun 25, 2017 · What are your suggestions for a quiet place to relax between appts? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Yes, the comfy chairs near the elevators on the upper Gonda/Mayo floors are great! You have windows with wonderful view plus plugs to charge phones, tablets, etc.

Jun 22, 2017 · Knee replacement with metal rod above knee in Joint Replacements

Hi- I have had a metal rod in my leg, above knee, for 3 years now due to a break. I now am quickly approaching knee replacement (same leg) so that rod will be removed at time of knee replacement. Just wondering if anyone else had these procedures together? And, if so, how did the additional work (removing rod) effect the rehab/recovery of the knee replacement?