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May 23, 2016 · Connection between depression, epilepsy and nutrition in Epilepsy & Seizures

My 21 year old son is very sick. His history involves him being very sensitive as a child (emotionally, mentally and physically) which manifested itself in numerous ways. His emotional sensitivity lead to him becoming a vegetarian at 14. Throughout high school he exhibited mild anxiety and sadness and saw a counselor but didn’t get a formal mental health diagnosis. At about 17 he started to display gastrointestinal issue – diarrhea and stomach pain. He went through a battery of tests during which nothing was found. Shortly after starting college he was diagnosed with depression and social anxiety and put on meds. Less than a year later he developed seizures and was put on more meds. He continues to suffer from chronic depression and epilepsy. As his mom I just can’t help but think all these health issues are related. Because he’s an adult we are not involved in his medical care and there is no cooperation among the doctors he sees – psychiatrist, neurologist and family practitioner. Help! Am I grasping at straws or is there some credence to my suspicions that all this is related?