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May 18, 2016 · Chronic inguinal pain in Chronic Pain

Hi there, I am not sure you will see this as this is an old post but I am going through similar circumstances and I wanted to reach out to seek some help/advice.

Quick update on mine: 4/2015 had RT inguinal hernia repair. Three weeks later went in to have the RT inguinal nerve removed (denervation). This didn’t resolve shit. A few weeks afterwards they went in to remove the RT testie (sorry if that is TMI). Since then I have been treating with a pain management MD that has tried 10+nerve blocks, steroid injections, multiple different nerve medicines, pain medicines, etc.
I am closing in on a spine cord stimulator (possibly in the next few weeks). At this point it is starting to affect daily functions, work, and everything else about being a father and husband

Any advice or opinions?