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Wed, Sep 16 12:01pm · Anyone else dealing with shingles? in Autoimmune Diseases

My husband put Kaopectate on a cotton ball and dabbed on lesions to stop itching and dry it up.

Tue, Sep 15 12:39pm · PMR initial diagnosis: Can there be an underlying disease? in Autoimmune Diseases

Thanks, David, for your reply. My husband has been seeing a Rheumatologist for the past 4 years. He was one of those that got immediate relief upon taking prednisone. He had been doing pretty good on being able to taper down until he had back surgery last year. The doctor took him off his prednisone due to it causing delaying in healing. I had always heard that you MUST taper off prednisone, not just stop taking all at once. Unfortunately, I didn't think about it at that time or I would have questioned it……. He is to the point where he can't taper any at all without having severe all over pain. We did discuss w/Rheumatologist asking if he thought it might be time to look at other diseases. His response was that my husband needed to be off the prednisone for him to be able to look for other diseases…….. Not sure what to make of that.

Thu, Sep 10 12:41pm · PMR initial diagnosis: Can there be an underlying disease? in Autoimmune Diseases

My husband was diagnosed with PMR several years ago and placed on prednisone. It no longer seems to help him. Just wondering, has anyone here been initially diagnosed with PMR only to be re-diagnosed with a different disease or have an underlying disease discovered? Also, does anyone feel they have been diagnosed with PMR because the doctor can’t figure out what the problem is and diagnosed you with PMR because you have some of the symptoms of PMR? Thank you.

Mon, Feb 10 12:36pm · Laminectomy with fusions in Spine Health

I think it was about 4-5 weeks after when he started PT. I'm not sure it's doing anything other than possibly strengthening his back.

Mon, Feb 10 10:45am · Laminectomy with fusions in Spine Health

My husband is 4 months out & still has deep fatigue in legs/hips/feet. Also nerves still painful. PT advises nerve is "bunched up"….

Tue, Feb 4 12:42pm · Laminectomy with fusions in Spine Health

After my husband finished the erbapenem the swelling in his legs subsided. I think that more than proves it was the erbapenem causing the swelling. He still has pain in his knee and leg from top of leg down through the knee and into the lower leg. Physical therapist advises due to twisted nerves….

Wed, Jan 22 8:59am · Shifting from Prednisone to Hydroxychloroquine in Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR)

My husband is now completely off prednisone. He transitioned from the prednisone to hydroxychloroquine. Has anyone else transitioned from the prednisone to the hydroxychloroquine? I would like to hear results of other people doing this. Thank you!