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Oct 5, 2017 · Terrible fatigue for months, positive ANA in Autoimmune Diseases

My cardiologist prescribed atenolol close to the beginning of all this to lower my heart rate and take stress off my heart.
I didn’t know colchicine was also used for Familial Mediterranean Fever, now I want to look into that. My mom’s side of the family is from that part of the world.

Oct 4, 2017 · Terrible fatigue for months, positive ANA in Autoimmune Diseases

Sorry it took so long to respond, I didn’t realize people ever responded.
I do have a few updates, I guess.
My forgetfulness got really bad for a bit there. At one point I forgot who my wife was as I was talking to her, 1 foot from my face. It lasted about a minute but I came around. That was one of my worst days in the past 2+ years.
I saw a neurologist, who after a bunch of normal test results was convinced it was psychological. He gave me the option to do a lumbar puncture and I took it. That was the most disgusting, belly churning feeling of my life…and it came back normal.
They referred me to a different rheumatologist, who was much better than the first. He ran the same tests as before but my ANA and such were negative. He didn’t write me off though, but prescribed Lyrica and gave me a week’s worth of free samples while I waited for insurance to clear it. Insurance said I had to try gabapentin first. Lyrica really improved my sleep, but nothing else. Gabapentin threw me right back into terrible sleep. I went back after a month and he switched me to colchicine. I don’t know why, but colchicine really helped a lot. It gave me good sleep, helped my joints, and I haven’t been nearly as confused. I’m still tired and if I forget to take my medicine, I sure notice it, but I’m doing alright with just colchicine and atenolol (for my heart).

I don’t have a diagnosis, and colchicine isn’t normally used for this kind of stuff (it’s actually gout medicine), but my life is moving forward again, SLOWLY.

I was medically retired from the Air Force this year due to all this stuff and my wife and I came up with a plan to convert a school bus into our home. We’re going to travel the country when the bus is finished and she’s out of the military.

For anyone who finds this interesting, you can see our progress here:

I hope you all find answers or at least get to where I’m at!


May 6, 2016 · Terrible fatigue for months, positive ANA in Autoimmune Diseases

23 year old male, 6’8″, started at 214 lbs in July, now 263. Military lifestyle, married with a daughter, healthy diet, previously plenty of excercise, now absolutely none.

The first sign of anything was August of last year. I got very sick and it looked to be strep throat, had swab and cultures taken and was immediately given augmentin to treat without confirmation. After a couple days and my throat nearly shutting, I called for the results and the guy I spoke to said they came back negative. I went to the ER and they confirmed infectious mononucleosis so I was given a steroid shot and a one week pack and ceased the Augmentin.

[Turned out not to be negative but showed beta-hemolytic non-group A colonies. Could this turn into anything if untreated since I stopped taking the Augmentin?]

Two months and 30 pounds of weight GAIN later, I finally think I’m better and resume normal life. Not long after, I start having extreme cognitive dysfunction and go back to the doctor. I thought maybe I have a thyroid problem with all the weight gain. Thyroid tested fine but monocites were back up. Then it was another rapid decline from there. Cognitive dysfunction, terrible muscle aches, extreme fatigue, awful sweats, joint pain and locking joints, two bouts with vertigo, insomnia, increased urination, dry skin, lack of sex drive (which has come back recently but was gone for half a year), headaches, etc. I’m sure I’m forgetting something, as forgetfulness is another complaint.

After a couple months of this (some days better than others), I finally saw the infectious disease doc I was referred to. He ordered quite a few tests and all that came back abnormal was ANA at 1:180, and off the chart Epstein Barr titres. B12 was also slightly high (930) which to me is strange considering how exhausted I am, but I’m no doctor. Also found low vitamin D (19.7, have been on D2 for 5 weeks). He then ordered the confirmatory ANA tests and again ANA was positive at 1:203 as well as RNP at 2.2. Other titres were normal.

My infectious disease doc referred me then to a rheumatologist thinking Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. She heard a heart murmur so ordered an echo, some xrays of joints and my chest, she also tested for Marfan’s, acromegaly, and redid the ANA and RNP as well as a bunch of other things.

Abnormalities with the echo were a dilated right atrium and ventricle, and regurgitation. I had an echo about five years ago that came back completely normal so why the change? Everything else was now normal…..including the ANA and RNP. As soon as I found this out I stomped over to my primary care manager and asked for him to redo the ANA since I’ve already had two positive ANAs and a positive RNP. Two weeks later I get the results of another high positive ANA, but my rheumy seems to think I’m crazy for thinking one false negative is more likely than three false positives.

I need help. I know it could just be me getting over mono, but it’s been so long and I feel so bad and I feel like the symptoms just keep growing.

Any ideas?

May 6, 2016 · Terrible fatigue for months, positive ANA in Autoimmune Diseases

Terrible fatigue for months, positive ANA