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May 13, 2016 · Diagnosed with stage 3a ILC in Breast Cancer

Hi Carol…I was diagnosed Oct./ 14 triple negative grade 3 lt Breast…had lumpectomy,chemo,radiation…am 1 yr post radiation …acute fatigue still,neuropathy in fingers from Taxotere chemo but overall,am ok…terrible itchy rash on chest and back from radiation that finally is getting rash..just itchy.

Sorry you don’t feel a good connection to your oncology team…wonder what follow up protocol there is at your clinic….what your expectations were and if you asked enough questions to get the answers that would make you feel confident.

I am a nurse and found that I didn’t know what to ask until the neuropathy and rash showed up..guess everyone is different and they don’t want to overwhelm us with all the ” maybes” ….( I was a public health nurse with limited contact with Breast cancer patients)

Most clinics follow up every 3 months for the first 2 years,every 6 months for 2 yrs and annually the 5 th and subsequent years. In between,if you have any symptoms at all,like maybe sore ribs,lumps of any size in Breast or under arm,neck or collar bone area,contact the oncologist office…most places have an oncology nurse you can talk to..they can allay your anxiety and will get you in to see the oncologist fast if necessary..
…… 2 weeks before each follow up oncologist visit,I get blood work done and a mammogram after 6 mo.
Martid said they go lightly with scans etc and that is true….unless you have a symptom that needs checking out. I had a sore rib …last month…could have been metastices so had bone scan..node showed up,so had CT scan ,mammogram and oncology blood panel all within 2 weeks…..nothing serious so am back to every 3 months.
I only saw my surgeon once..after the lumpectomy. ….standard procedure I think as you then get turned over to the radiation and medical oncologist.

This is long..sorry…but I hope you can get comfortable with your team…communication is everything…wonder if you write down your questions …most oncologists will answer all of them …it is true that you have to be your own advocate,so never hesitate to ask ..there is no such thing as a stupid question!
Good luck with everything and I hope you can get a good follow up schedule so you feel more secure as you go through your treatment…sending positive vibes.

May 5, 2016 · triple negative breast cancer in Breast Cancer

Hi Cossette….U seem to be coping well with lymph edema…I had 2 sentinel nodes checked after/ at surgery ,both negative ,so no lymph edema…so far..most of the women I met at the Cancer centre in Ottawa Canada ,were in their 30’s and 40’s with small children,but I am 73 am
And was told it was unusual at my age to get this particular type…what affected my quality of life totally were late side effects from the drug docetaxel ( Taxotere)…. Symptoms like diarrhea with no warning,keeps me close to home and socially isolated…much worse than the disease…but I’m still here..and grateful for that.

May 5, 2016 · triple negative breast cancer in Breast Cancer

November2014 I had a lumpectomy for triple neg ,grade 3 stage 2 Breast cancer….then chemo and radiation. It has been one year April /16 since last radiation. Had Taxotere chemo. Does anyone have ongoing GI ( bowel)issues and brain fog and fatigue a year after treatment ?