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Jul 4, 2016 · AFib questions in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Forgot to tell you that I am taking 20 mg.lasix twice a day, 12.5 mg. metoprolol twice a day and 150 mg. Pradaxa twice a day and am normal now. I also have ITP (low platelets – 51) and if the platelet count goes down near 30 I’ll have to take only 75 mg. Pradaxa twice a day, according to my latest visit with the hematologist whom I see for the platelet problem.

Jul 4, 2016 · AFib questions in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Did your cardiologist explain the cardioversion procedure? I was an emergency Afib patient on July 24, 2015 and was cared for by an emergency doctor. He had me on cardizem 360 and lasix 160 and coumadin. I was miserable with hugely swollen legs (plus 3) and still in Afib. That doctor told me to go through the scheduled hip replacement surgery in Afib and then get a cardioversion later. When I saw my own cardiologist one month later (August 27th) in a different hospital and city he told me no surgeon would perform on a patient in Afib and I’d have the cardioversion immediately (September 11, 2015.) It was successful, heart back in rhythm, and I then had surgery October 19, 2015. I was 86 years old then and did not flip back into Afib during the surgery. You may want to ask your cardiologist if you are a candidate for cardioversion. If not, why not?

I got off the coumadin after 10 months because it was not compatible with my food requirements and I now take Pradaxa since May 10, 2016. Pradaxa has an excellent antidote and I have seen no side effects from taking it except it costs much more than coumadin. Report is that they are backing off of coumadin now because it can take up to 72 hours to stop bleeding. Much too long for safety.