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May 2, 2016 · Having knee replacement: how to prepare and questions about PT in Joint Replacements

My dad had both knees done at once.he spent a week in the city where he had his surgery.then transferred to anlocal hosoital for 6 weeks for therapy and then came home and still had another 4 weeks of therapy. It was a long road…not as easy as he had thought.he is doing great..6 years later.best thing he ever did for himself but very difficult.be prepared and make sure you have lots of help. Good luck.

May 1, 2016 · Scoliosis surgery: Harrington rod placement and spinal fusion in Spine Health

I had fusion done at L4-L5 several years ago after having a failed minor surgery and lots of injections..Physical therapy. ..Pain pills. .etc.i wake up in pain everyday and it is always there regardless of the prescriptions I take.i have tried the soinal stimulator trial which was a nightmare for me.i had the stimulator inserted for 6 days and ended up in the fetal oosition for almost 6 weeks.my drs are suggesting a morphine pump that at 44 years old..I refuse to do.i am sick of always being in pain. I have been reading everyones postings trying to see if anyone has done something that may be helpful to me.i am at a point where the pain runs my life.i am so tired of not being able to do things with my kids and not being able to enjoy life.i do not think anyone understands back pain unless you are going thru it.i am jealous of those who do surgery and they are feeling great.everytime I do a surgery..I always end up in more pain. Just want to thank those who have posted their stories because I know I am not alone.