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6 days ago · 3rd stage kidney disease and diet in Kidney & Bladder

@kamama94. What good news! Now, hope there's a good way to forward your draft!

Fri, Mar 8 10:03am · Foods to eat to keep creatinine level down in Kidney & Bladder

@kamama94 How wonderful that you're doing a cookbook! Looking forward to receiving a copy; I find doctors to be woefully inadequate when it comes to diet! Hope an answer is forthcoming on why your labs are out of sync!

Wed, Feb 27 7:35pm · Meniere's Disease in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

@karinzeigler Although I was diagnosed with Menieres, I've not had episode for many years. Now I have tinnitus, hearing loss, and a "feels like there's a bucket on my head" stuffy feeling. Finally got a name for it – occlusion – but can't find anything on it. I can't find anyone who seems to know how to solve the problem – I refuse to spend $6,000 for a hearing aid that, since it fits inside my ear, makes the problem worse. There was a link for Menieres to a blog, I think, but I've lost it.

Tue, Feb 19 6:39pm · 3rd stage kidney disease and diet in Kidney & Bladder

@kamama94 Hope you know that your story inspires many of us. While I've no advice, please know we are all rooting for you. I also have trouble getting down the necessary water. Heard someone say that actually, you body needs to be watered in the same way as clay soil – a small amount frequently! That thought has helped me. Take care!

Dec 28, 2018 · Recovering after a left nephrectomy....Whats it like? in Kidney & Bladder

@nnimblett Hope your surgery goes well. As Colleen Young said, though, everyone is different and recovery is based on a variety of items. My one suggestion: I was "ignored" by hospital staff insofar as walking following surgery is concerned. Luckily for me, a Night Supervisor realized what was happening and I found myself being walked at 3 a.m.! Walk! Demand to be walked! Walk even when it's the last thing in the world you want to do. Walk when you get home. If it's too cold, whatever, walk back and forth in your residence. Drove home (3 hours) two days after surgery – not bad at 78, I think.

Dec 12, 2018 · concerned over rising creatinine level. in Kidney & Bladder

To all with kidney problems who are on Lisinopril, I hope something can be worked out for you. I like @kamama94 diet suggestions, but there are no easy answers. My diet is already limited due to the IBS, so who knows if that's accidentally been a help. I'm so reluctant now to take any meds!!!!

Dec 12, 2018 · concerned over rising creatinine level. in Kidney & Bladder

@marvenjsturing. Realized my nephrologist reduced my Lisinopril from 10 mg to 5 mg. Told me it was because of a change in my blood pressure – now, I'm not so sure. Anyhow, after almost a year, bp is 140/68. Cr is 1.0+/-. Think you might want to question your doctor. Hope this helps.