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Sun, Sep 1 9:09pm · Can’t sleep in Kidney & Bladder

@azkidney57. My doctor first prescribed meds to help me sleep, which I was afraid would become addictive. So, I improvised, and some of these little tricks work and some do not – at least, not all the time. Put the TV on but without sound and try to figure out what's going on using closed caption; put timer on so TV shuts itself off after you fall asleep!

If my mind continues to play the same worrisome stuff over and over, speaking out loud, I name as quickly as possible a list of related items. For example: name rapidly as possible all the kinds of trees in a forest; or name all the animals in the forest; or all the kinds of fish in a river, ocean, whatever. The trick is to not permit the same old worries, fears, bad memories from occupying your mind! Our minds are designed to only allow one subject at a time, so if you fill that space with thoughts THAT YOU CHOOSE those bad old thoughts will be crowded out.

Every night at bedtime, I take two 325 mg. Tylenol tablets. My doctor approves, but one needs to check with one's own physician.

My last hint: exercise! Every day. As much as you can. Whatever you can do. Sooo important!!

Fri, Aug 23 10:31pm · Hormonal issues/ MTHFR / high testosterone in Women's Health

@twill88 Good advice from @lioness – are any of your doctors endrocrinologists? Some of your symptoms were also mine when I was 18, and I went to eight different specialists in Chicago, including the University of Chicago, before beginning a journey that would lead to a diagnosis – finally – when I was 30. To encourage you a bit, I hope, I am now 80, so you most definitely have hope! To not say the wrong thing, I want to ask a couple of questions, but share only if you feel comfortable answering. Were you given birth control pills for medical reasons? Do you have regular periods? On what basis were you deemed to not have PCOS? Other than a decrease in the size of your breasts, have you had any other symptoms as a result of not taking birth control pills? At your age of 18, I can well understand the emotional side of your problems – I got some well-meant but totally wrong medical information from non medical sources which made me feel as if I were really weird, and so I kept my "illness" a secret for many years. It wasn't an illness, it was a birth defect. Please do not compare yourself physically to other female family members or friends – no one in my quite extensive family had anything even remotely similar to my problems. Ask you doctor to refer you to someone who can counsel you a bit about all this – I had no one but back then, there really wasn't anyone who could help me. Please keep us all posted on how things are going, and know there are folks here quite ready to listen and not judge. Take care.

Wed, Aug 14 9:16pm · Spinal stenosis: Relief through exercise in Spine Health

@rayreich3. Well, she wasn't an award winner when I first became her client, but I wasn't the least surprised when she was chosen best in our state, which is in the Midwest. Now, you are in New York City, where the medical facilities are soo superior! You need an orthopedic guy to refer you, I would think. But you are paying for their services,whoever they are, so keep trying until you find someone who understands your problems. Ask around of friends and family – you'll be surprised at how many folk you know also know therapists!!! My only other advice? Surgery is a wonderful solution for those who need it, but it remains for me an absolute last resort.

Wed, Aug 14 11:02am · Spinal stenosis: Relief through exercise in Spine Health

@rayreich3. Have to agree with nancyguy. I have degenerative stenosis with pain in my legs. Without my award-winning physical therapist, I'd be walking at the very least with a cane. She has overridden doctor's diagnosis and been correct. I also would urge you to avoid those therapists who specialize in sports injuries.

Fri, Aug 9 12:43pm · How do I lower my morning fasting glucose levels? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

@dorisena Thanks, dorisena. Do you think it important to do a blood glucose test during the day? It's not always convenient, I find.

Thu, Aug 8 7:01pm · How do I lower my morning fasting glucose levels? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

@kateia You have done quite well, I think. I am newly diagnosed with Type 2, so I'm learning, too. My question for the Dr next week is about my bedtime glucose number versus my morning fasting number – don't understand how those numbers relate, but based on what I've read, it's an important question. Will post whatever I find out!

Thu, Aug 8 3:54pm · How do I lower my morning fasting glucose levels? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

@kateia . would you mind sharing your bedtime test? How are you doing throughout the day?

Thu, Aug 8 3:39pm · Meniere's Disease in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

@raym . Meclizine(antivert) really helped me initially. I understand there are some negative side effects with this medication, but if it works, it should be considered. A low-salt diet ultimately reduced my episodes of dizziness/nausea, but the salt reduction is not a cure. It's simply an expedient way to reduce symptoms. I limited or eliminated three suspected causes: oats, corn and wheat and I believe that helped. Tracking one's diet, like-style, etc., is an excellent way to find your triggers. Hope some day, an answer will be found, for I am left with hearing loss, tinnitus, ear discomfort, etc., some of which most assuredly are the result of Menieres.