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Thu, Jun 18 12:41pm · Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer..... in Men's Health

@johnbishop – Greetings John! You are definitely the Link Master! Thank you for all your efforts in helping educate the Mayo Connect Group by taking the time to provide pertinent information and trustworthy personal experience on a variety of subjects.
I know how much I appreciate reading your posts and I'm sure that many would join with me in saying Thank you friend!

Wed, Jun 17 3:37pm · Can a CPAP machine treat central apneas? in Sleep Health

@gramps– I am not real familiar with central sleep apneas, but I've been told by my sleep specialist that he wants to keep mine below 4. He has me on a pressure of 11 and that seems to keep me well below 4's, but recently had a 4.9 which was totally uncharacteristic for me? I seem to have issues more often with the mask leak sad face and the last time I was in to see my specialist he said he is not real concerned about that, but rather the AHI's. Since mine is often 1.5- 2.5 he said no problems here.
I could understand if your Dr. would want to 1st try increasing the pressure as a 1st step to see if your apnea's decrease.
Makes sense to me. Hopefully that will bring you back to those restful sleeps you were having before. Happy Zzzz's…..
Jim @thankful

Tue, May 26 12:56pm · Taking our minds off things, what are you watching?? in Depression & Anxiety

@johnbishop– Loved the video John! I grew up using a sling shot because my dad being a cop in NYC didn't approve of owning a BB gun so I started making my own sling shots. I could pick off a bird or rabbit with one shot from 15 yds. easily. Loved to shoot frogs to stun them and we would tie them onto our fishing line to lure in turtles. I had a "turtle farm as a kid in my backyard using an old submerged tub for the pond. Lots of fun! Jim@thankful

Sat, May 23 3:30pm · 100% blocked artery in Heart & Blood Health

@phuloi67– WOW! You were very fortunate to survive that! I also had a HA back in 2014 with my LAD 100% blocked. They didn't realize that I was having one even though I kept telling them I'm having a HA. You are very right about the pain! In my opinion that was the worst part! After EKG, X-rays, etc. they said I was not presenting? It wasn't till they had an Echo Tech come into the ER that they realized what was going on. They were able to place a stent in my LAD. I also ended up with a fair amount of dead tissue and an EF of 30. It took me more than 2 years to get it above 55.
Glad to hear you are still with us and exercising & eating right! Jim@thankful

Thu, May 14 2:17pm · Panic attacks going in stores in Depression & Anxiety

@marjou, @ellen307– Greetings ladies. I suffered from PA's for several years many years ago and here is what I found for me.
I thought I could tuff it out. What happened was that each time I would have one, wherever I was at and whatever I was doing became my triggers for the next time and it began to paralyze me. I began a list (in my head) of what I couldn't do.
After more than a year & a half of trying to deal with this on my own I met with a Psychiatrist and he put it simply that just as a car needs specific fluids, etc. to allow it to run smoothly, we too also need certain chemicals, etc. balanced to run smoothly. My engine for some reason was running rough.
We met for many weeks and he wrote a script for Klonopin of 1mg. It took several weeks to kick in, but it was the beginning of getting my life back! One by one I began venturing out doing the things I had added to my "can't do this" list. At first I was having my wife join me just in case something did not go well. I discovered that often her presence was all I needed. I'm able to do all those things again and often I am alone. I don't know if you are taking anything for your PA's, but would highly recommend that you consider getting an appt. to see a Dr. Don't do what I did and allow the "can't do list" increase. I've never had to increase my klonopin (now clonazapam is the generic). Flying was one of the toughest to start again and even though I felt so much less fear and anxiety, I kept and extra half a pill in my pocket for what I called extra protection. I think I only needed to take that extra half once and now I fly often and still have it with me, but have never needed to take it. all my best! Jim@thankful

Mon, May 4 3:39pm · Multi vessel stenting vs bypass surgery in Heart & Blood Health

@cathysudlow6– Hello Cathy! I had a HA back in 2014 and my LAD was 100% blocked and the Cardiologist chose to do a stent vs. open heart surgery. My thought is that stenting has become so much more prominent because it is far less invasive than open heart and the recovering time is so very quick. I'm sure there are times when open heart is more prudent because of the complexity, but I'm not a Dr. so I can't speak to that. In the interest of the times we find ourselves in and your concerns about your dad possibly being able to fight off the Covid-19 or as my daughter tells her young daughter (the big sick) I would favor the stenting.
If you could get a second opinion that would be awesome so I would recommend that if possible.
I have a cousin in Dublin that just retired from being an ER nurse at Beaumont hospital in Dublin. She is terible about returning my emails, but I will give it a go and see if she could make a recommendation of a Cardiologist and so if I hear back I will post what she says. All my best! Jim@thankful

Sat, Apr 18 3:42pm · Heart Disease: Let’s Talk About the Emotional Side in Heart & Blood Health

@jimsfree2, @twojunes2– I wholeheartily agree with you @twojunes2. Going through Cardio Rehab after my HA part of what we learned from a excellent Dietician was the need to eat better. Although I was doing that for the most part one can always learn lots and I have. She recommended a book called Good Food Great Medicine by a noted Cardiologist and daughter Miles Hassell MD and Mea Hassell that is a combination of Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle Guide. I've used it through these last several years not only for great recipes, but also lots of down to earth wisdom.
It's available on Amazon. Check it out! Jim@thankful

Fri, Apr 17 6:10pm · Heart Disease: Let’s Talk About the Emotional Side in Heart & Blood Health

@kanaazpereira – Sorry, just now getting to the topic you posted.
I have shared bits & pieces of this story over several posts, but will give this a go and try to be not overly wordy.
Shock, unbelief, crazy are just a few words to describe my initial experience that faithful day in May of 2014.
I had just finished my typical 1.3 hr. workout that Monday and headed home to clean up and grab a bite before returning to work.
As I was about to sit down to eat the lunch my wife had set out I started feeling very flush, sweating a bit and then the pain moved up my left arm and then accross my chest. I decided to sit in my favorite chair in the LR for a moment to pause and think about what I was feeling. My wife followed me in and asked if I was OK. My response was no and I think I'm having a HA!
She expressed her unbelief just as I had and asked me are you sure? I remember reading in a reader's digest once that if you think you are having a HA grab several baby aspirins and chew on them. She quickly got some for me and we prayed for wisdom for that moment. We decided to drive up to our ER just about a 20 minute ride. No more than 10 minutes into the drive I had wished we had called an ambulance (definitely that would have been the right decision!) I asked my wife if she could drive faster please and she responded that if I go any faster I'm going to run into someone! My response was to just go over them!
The pain was excruciating and I felt any moment I was going to pass out!
We arrived in front of the ER and I was met by someone with a wheelchair immediately. I was rushed into the hospital and rather than rush me into the ER they rolled me into a business office where a nice woman started asking me all sorts of questions.
I stopped and said please mam I think I am having a HA! At this point I was in tears and things moved quickly as they rolled me into an ER room and started plugging me into all kinds of machines. I talked with the Cardiologist briefly and after getting the pain under control they proceeded with the several typical tests. My wife joined me and we were both told that I was not presenting any real signs of having a HA, but he decided they wuld admit me and do a stess test in the morning. My wife decided to run home to grab a few things for me and text our good friends to ask the to pray.
Soon after the Cardiologist left the room a Echo Tech arrived and started performing an echo. Within a few minutes he quickly left the room and returned just as fast with the Cardiologist in tow. Things at that point proceeded very quickly and after procuring a team of doctors I was run into the Cath Lab and received a stent in my LAD. I had just survived "the Widow Maker" with 100% blockage of my LAD.
I started not long after this ordeal with Cardio Rehab and because I was accustomed with much of the exercise equipement I relished being alive and got to work. I felt very secure there because it was just down the hall from the Cardiology Dept..
I was told by my Cardiologist early on that my heart had suffered damage to the lack of blood getting to a portion of my heart and he talked about a term I was not familiar with called Ejection Fraction (EF). Mine was at about 30% and he told me that often within the 1st year that will increase. Once complete with Cardio Rehab I get permission to go back to my Gym and I was on a quest to get the blood flowing again and increase my EF.
I was feeling great and it almost seemed sureal at times that I had really experienced this.
After the 1st year I had another Echo and met days later with my Cardiologist. I could'nt almost wait for him to read the Echo and tell how much progress I had made! Much to my surprise I was presented with something I had not anticipated. My EF was about the same!
From that point on although thankful I was alive, I was not expecting what I was told after working so hard over that last year!
I began to feel like "damaged goods"! That feeling really took over me and it was often a real battle. I had been working out nearly 3x a week for years and out of the blue w/o any warning Boom! Seemed like my life was forever changed!
Year 2 came and once again I had another Echo with the same results. I was really bummed!
I decided that since we spend most of the month of April in Tucson, AZ. I was going to get a 2nd opinion from the Scottsdale, AZ. Mayo. I made the appt. and several months later we were there and I met Dr. Lynch. I had a whole series of tests they had set up and he informed me that he would be with me for most of the time. The last test I took that day was a stress Echo and as promised Dr. Lynch was there. He pushed me hard on the Treadmill and I had these monitors in front of me that he was watching while he cheered me on. He would ask can you keep going and I would say yes and before I knew it I had broke a HR of 150 whearas in the last 2 years of doing cardio the highest I had been able to get was 137. He had me drop down on the bed where the tech continued the echo and the whole time Dr. Lynch kept saying great pictures! You did great! I was ecstatic!!
We met about a 1/2 hr. latter in his office and he told me that it would take him a few days to get final results, but he was assured that my EF was much higher than 130. We left a day later to return home to OR and as promised Dr. Lynch wrote me a email stating that my EF was in fact 145.
I tell you this story to encourage you and perhaps get a second opinion.
I nor any of you are damaged goods! We are all God's children and are deeply loved.
I can't say enough about the Mayo Clinic and their Drs., Nurses and Staff!
I will always be eternally thankful for their care.