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2 days ago · Hand tremors in Brain & Nervous System

@kathystl – I too have ET and it affects my left hand. Being left handed and also very ambidextrous as a carpenter that came in very helpful.
I was diagnosed just over 28 years ago and just recently have retired. I always wondered if this was a result from heavy use of my hands. I have never taking any medication for it, but would be very interested in your feedback of taking Propranolol? What is the dosage you take and have you had good results? How about any bad side effects? The worst thing I encounter is trying to write. If I'm stressed or been physically active I really can hardly write. In the morning I have the best luck. I have no issues using a keyboard. I too are of European descent and I have looked into any familial connections and have found none with this disorder. I look forward hearing back from you regarding your experiences with Propranolol.

3 days ago · How to reduce my events while using my Cpap in Sleep Health

@colleenyoung– Sounds like mom had a promising week! Great to hear that and I'm sure your help and encouragement had a lot to do with it! Happy Zzzz's mom. Jim @thankful

5 days ago · How to reduce my events while using my Cpap in Sleep Health

@johnbishop– Did you say you also purchased that C-pap hose cleaning brush? I recently did and I'm having a terrible time pulling it through my hose? Jim @thankful

5 days ago · How to reduce my events while using my Cpap in Sleep Health

@colleenyoung– As a C-pap userfor over 20 years I can offer a few things to you Colleen. John is right about the fit of the mask. I too am a mouth breather and consequently was recommended a full face mask. I tried a half a dozen of them and could not find one that was a good fit. It was determined I have a "tweener" shaped face which simpley meant I was in between sizes? I didn't really like them anyway due to the somewhat claustrophobic feeling I got using them. I went to a nasal mask that with a chin strap was just right for me.
Chin straps are a bit of a pain, but once you find the right one that does not slip off your head in the middle of the night the results of a dry mouth and higher AHI scores go away. I wish you all the best in helping your mom with this device. Once she gets 7+ hrs. of sleep with good equipement she will wake up so refressed once again! Happy Zzzz's! Jim @thankful

Sun, Mar 10 4:01pm · Salty Facts – Heart Failure and Sodium in Heart & Blood Health

@contentandwell, @bob270, @plaid- Living in the Pacific NW I have always believed that eating Wild salmon from the rivers & ocean here was the only way to go and I have read some negative reports about Farm raised salmon. Not sure you have ant Costco's near where you live, but recently I had noticed they they sold farmed salmon and in their magazine there was a great article recently on the company they purchased the farm raised salmon through and that really changed my mind at least about their product. You might try looking into it, I was very impressed! Jim @thankful

Sun, Mar 10 3:50pm · Angioplasty in Heart & Blood Health

@hamood– Not sure you can do anything to increase your EF (Enjection Fraction). I was told that after my HA and the adding of a single stent from a widow maker 100% blocked LAD that my EF was at 35%. They told me that if their was going to be any increase it would come from new blood vessels growing into that area and increasing the blood flow. Unfortunately for me with the LAD being 100% blocked for a period of time that my heart sustained damage that would most likely not allow that to happen. A year later after my 2nd echo that in fact was the case. Fast forward 2 years and I scheduled an appt. at the Scottsdale, AZ. Mayo and had a battery of tests including a stress echo at the end of the day. My cardiologist down there was with me the whole time and when I stepped on that tredmill I felt like Rocky! They were monoriting me the whole time they were increasing the speed & elevation of the tredmill. They had me up to an elevation of 14 and a speed of 6.2. I was able to get my heart up to 152. After having me drop down on the bed and taking the "stress side" of my heart after that they were able to get great pictures and when we met in his office after all this he told me he would have to spend a bit more time analizing things, but felt my EF was more like 150. When I asked why such different results he said the stress echo was a bit more accurate than just an echo and perhaps it took longer for me to grow additional blood vessels? I was elated with this news though! The avg. person's EF is approx. 70-75%.
Jim @thankful

Sun, Mar 10 2:15pm · Over the counter anxiety medicine in Depression & Anxiety

@me2a– Perhaps there are better suited, non addictive drug(s) that a Psychiatrist would recommend today, but for me this is what allowed me to take back my life. I never figured out why this was happening to me, but my Psychiatrist said simply think of a car. It needs all kinds of different fluids, etc. to keep in running and for some reason your body is not producing enough of that ingrediant. That was simple enough for me to grasp and I went with and never looked back. I wish you much success and good health! Jim @thelisamarie

Sat, Mar 9 9:55am · Over the counter anxiety medicine in Depression & Anxiety

@me2a– Many years back my initial panic attack occured as I was driving over a bridge that I had drove over many times prior and it seemed to come out of no where. I literally felt the bridge getting narrower as I drove over to the point that I felt like I was being crushed.
That was start of what became a long list of "no goes" for me and I was terrified. After seeing a Psychiatrist for several sessions he put me on 1mg of Klonopin. That was the beginning of taking back my life. It began slowly and initially would only drive if my wife was in the car. It took awhile, but I can do all those things that I had checked off my list now. I have been on that same dosage for over 25 years now and have never felt the need to increase my dose. When I fly I take with me a extra half of a pill in case I get very anxious, and over the years I believe I've only taken the extra half dose 1 time. For me just knowing I have it with me is often enough. Same goes for driving (even over bridges) or other things that were on my list. The more I did the more my confidence increased. Thats my story! Don't let fear control your life! Jim @thankful