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2 days ago · 100% blocked artery in Heart & Blood Health

@capper– Back in 2014 I had a HA which came out of nowhere. I was working out 3x a week and still working. I came home from a typical workout ready to cleanup, eat a late lunch and head back to work. I started feeling somewhat faint and then all the typical side effects with pain radiating down my left arm and then across my chest. Even though I would say I was certain I was having a HA that seemed so far fetched that my wife & I decided to take the 20 mim. drive
up to the ER to get checked out. Bad idea! Halfway up there my pain was at a high 10 and I felt very sick. After getting admitted, I was given several typical tests and for some strange reason I was not registering as though I was having a HA. The ER Dr. told my wife they would admit me and schedule a stress test in the morning. My wife headed home to grab a few things and meanwhile a Echo Tech came in and got started and about 10 min. in walked out of the room and returned with the Cardiologist. Things moved along swiftly from that point. Within the next hr. I had 1 stent placed in my LAD (left anterior descending artery). I was told I was very fortunate because although I was in very good shape I had just had what they called "The Widow Maker" with 100% blockage in my LAD.
I would highly recommend a stress echo because they are far more conclusive of blocked arteries. Don't Delay on this @capper! Jim @thankful

Wed, Oct 30 1:09pm · Hydroxyzine in Depression & Anxiety

@lisalucier– I was never prescribed hydroxyzine and I really don't know what that drug is? Sorry!

Wed, Oct 30 12:30pm · Cpap and sleep in Sleep Health

@johnbishop– Sounds perfect! I haven't run into that kind of a situation with the power going off, but I could see that would definitely be startling! Do you have an idea what the cost of that that machine with the battery would cost and do you think it is a better price online vs through my local medical supplies store?
Happy Zzzz's my friend. Jim@thankful

Tue, Oct 29 1:49pm · Cpap and sleep in Sleep Health

@johnbishop– Very happy to hear your news! So much of this stuff isn't just numbers, but also how we view our progress. I remember when I met with the Sleep Therapist a few years back and I was concerned about the constant leaky mask thing and yet he turned it all upside down when he showed me the AHI scores and the consistant 7-8 hr. of C-pap use for many, many months.
That appt. really changed my outlook about the leaky mask issue. Just recently I've been on a role of 2 green happy faces and scores of 95-98 on my Resmed My Air site. Not sure what has happened?
When you travel do you pack your new machine in your suitcase or do you carry it separately in its bag with your carry on?
Happy Zzzz's my friend! Jim@thankful

Mon, Oct 28 1:47pm · Cpap and sleep in Sleep Health

@lisalucier– Great to here that you got things worked out on your end!
As far as travel C-paps I've not gotten that far as to decide I need one.
We are traveling much more and the thought of having a smaller machine that fits into my suitcase interests me, but it sure seems like a lot of money to shell out when I already have a C-pap I like. BTW after being in airports more frequently I have realized that there are a lots of very recognizable bags being carried through them. I always give the thumbs up to someone carrying theirs as I pass by. We now have Pre-Check and that makes it so much easier than opening the C-pap bag every time we go through security.
I would be more interested in a battery operated one if our journeys were more often off the grid, but that has not been the case for us. Happy Zzzz's! Jim @thankful

Thu, Oct 24 12:58pm · Cpap and sleep in Sleep Health

@lisalucier-Glad to hear things are going well! I agree, cuddling doesn't work well with the mask on, but we always make time to cuddle a bit before I dawn my mask and early in the morning when neither of us want to get out of bed in the darkness.
Have you come up with any ideas to lessen the effect on the C-pap, etc. on the dresser as far as the esthetics of the room?

Tue, Oct 22 1:24pm · Hand tremors in Brain & Nervous System

@jlind– I've not heard of tha device. Do you have issues with ET beyond your hand writing? For me as I mentioned in my earlier post my hand writing seems to be the thing mostly effected by ET. I am no where needing to add anoth script for something like this as yet. When my Neurololgist 1st diagnosed me a bunch of years ago he said it could get worst or remain the same. I would say its barely worst then diagnosed. The other times I notice a difference is when I exert myself such as doing some physical chores around the yard or exercising. I find the best time for hand writing for me is in the morning. I agree with you that most of my communications takes place on my laptop or phone. Still have the dexterity for that. I would say for a young man at 81 you are in pretty good shape! Jim@thankful

Tue, Oct 22 1:04pm · cPAP silicone allergy in Sleep Health

@lauramh– I had the same problem with a full face mask with leaks so I went to the nasal mask. Started with the F&P Zest for many years then just this last year went to a newer mask by them called Eson 2. I've found that when the cushion is new that for at least a week I get "2 happy green faces" on my Resmed machine, but soon after I start getting mask seal problems. I use their online site to view my progress and generally score on average a 85. I always have perfect scores for more than 7 hrs. and perfect 5's for the other 2, but my seal failure goes from 2 to 18. I had a 98 for about the 7th time the last time I changed the cushion.
In talking with my Respiratory Therapist, he thinks to not put so much weight on the mask seal number as long as my AHI is below 3 which it is often below 1. Hope this helps! Happy Zzzz's! Jim@thankful