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Sat, Mar 28 4:30pm · Does the CPAP Mask cause puffiness and dark circles under your eyes? in Sleep Health

@cece55– Hello again! The only other thing I can think of is whether your mask straps are to tight? That was a problem I had years back and since loosening them I've had less marks on my face in the morning and a lot more comfortable to wear. You got to find the "sweet spot" where you mask is loose enough, yet not so loose to cause mask leak. Not sure about the darker circles under your eyes though? Happy Zzzz's Jim@thankful

Sun, Mar 22 2:58pm · Isolation: How Do We Handle it? in COVID-19

@shortstop80, @gingerw– Well Happy Birthday Shortstop! I too am an OR resident in the Willamette Valley. You are correct, it's hard to find a drive that isn't scenic in this state. Not a big fan of being on I-5, so I advoid it when I can and take 99W north whenever I can. Beautiful scenery just about the whole trip! Jim@thankful

Sun, Mar 22 2:18pm · Finding a reason in Depression & Anxiety

@santolina – Great to hear how you plugged yourself into your local community! It always helps me when I step out and help others.
Thank you for your encouraging story! We get so much out of helping others and I thought it was very cool to hear you say that you will try to continue on supporting this effort with your time even after you return to work! This is a Win/Win for all involved!

Sun, Mar 15 5:10pm · Meds for cardiomyopathy – Ischemic/Non-Ischemic in Heart & Blood Health

@fireguy8891– I have told that they often call what I had as a Widow Maker because frequently this happens to active people who run and exercise regularly and so when we experience these feelings they are often ignored. The consequence most often ends in death. The pain I felt was extreme so I can't imagine ignoring what I felt, but it would have been way smarter if I chose to call an ambulance rather than have my wife drive me up to the ER.
Even though I was certain I was having a HA all the tests they were running in the ER were showing that I was not presenting?
Once they got the pain managed they told my wife that they planned to admit me and do a stress test in the morning. They brought in a Echo Tech and about 10 minutes later he left the room and returned quickly with the Cardiologist in tow. It was all hand on deck at that point.
I was told I had a EF of about 30% at the time and started up Rehab within a few weeks. Since I was familiar with much of the equipement I started right in with their direction. Bottom line I could'nt wait to get back to the gym so I could begin building up my cardio and strength. I am on both Metoprolol, Lisenipril and Plavix at that time. A year later I was doing real well and had my checkup with the Cardiologist and he had a new Echo done which showed no real change. I was bummed since I had worked so hard. My HA was in 5/14 and now a year later after all that work I was being told no real change!
We spend Aprils down in AZ. so I made an appt. at the Mayo in Scottsdale to have a 2nd opinion. The Cardiologist I was assigned to was excellent and spent most of the day with me as I took several tests. We ended doing a Stress Echo. This Dr. really pushed me, but I had the confidence I was in good hands.
I was on the tredmill for around 20 minutes and started off slow, but he kept asking me can I go higher and I would say yes. We ended at an elevation of 14 and a speed of 5.8. I was jogging hard and that last year never got my heart rate up past 135 with the Beta Blocker. I was at 150+ at the point he had me drop to the bed to take more pictures. Afterwards we met in his office for a 1/2 hr. and he said he would have to do more calcs. but he felt very confidently that I was at more of 145-150 EF. That did wonders for my mindset and was so glad I got that 2nd opinion! Mayo is wonderful!! Jim@thankful

Sun, Mar 15 1:14pm · Will BUN levels affect aorta valve replacement? in Heart & Blood Health

@openheart2020– My situation was very different. I went from no early signs and a typical weekday workout to a massive HA. I had what is referred too as "The Widow Maker". Fortunately, I had a stent placed in my LAD that was 100% blocked and came through things wonderfully! I'll add a little humor here to lighten the mood, but as I lay on the table in the Cath Lab I was totally awake. The monitors blocked my vision of the Drs. but I could here everything that they were saying. At one point I decided to scratch a itch and I heard what seemed like a God like voice say "Mr. …… could you please not move"! I responded "Sorry, I had a itch"! The voice then said "I am working on your heart and we can have someone itch for you Thank You"! I will always remember that very funny moment! I hope all goes well for you and you can place your trust in your team of Drs. They do amazing things every day! Jim@thankful

Thu, Mar 12 10:57am · Finding a reason in Depression & Anxiety

@santolina ,@lioness– Great idea lioness! Perhaps The Human Listener!

Thu, Mar 12 10:50am · best cpap machine in Sleep Health

@lblazina – I have used the ResMed Air Sense 10 for the last 8 years or so and have been very happy with it. I'm sure there are several really good C-paps out there as well. For me the most important piece of equipement will be the mask you end up selecting. The stats are high for those to give up on C-pap therapy and I believe it's more about the comfort of the mask than the actual machine. It took me more than 6-8 masks before I settled on one that I liked.
Although a full face mask would be better for me I could not handle that. I've used nasal masks for over 20 years now along with a chin strap to help keep me from breathing with my mouth while sleeping. Happy Zzzz's! Jim@thankful

Tue, Mar 10 8:35pm · Finding a reason in Depression & Anxiety

@santolina – just read your post and trying to post some words of encouragement to you even in the midst of what seems desperate times.
To start I just want to say what your so called friends have done to you was pathetic! Please know that their deeds have not gone unseen by our heavenly Father. I get the part of how you feel about what the meds were doing to you. Often it takes weeks or even months for the right outcome to happen with several of these meds and often people are now having specific DNA test done to see what specific med would work better for them.
You ask the question how does one find something to look forward to? My suggestion is to build on what you said first of all. The Joy you have looking forward to seeing your husband and dog is a great start. I personally try to focus on the often small but wonderful things going on around me each day.
On my regular walks that could mean how the dew has settled on a spider web, ducks swimming in a pond together that appear to be a couple, the shapes of the clouds and the faces I see them. If we take the time to look we often see things that normally we would walk right by.
I don't know how you view Faith, but when it comes to Joy I rely more on my faith to bring joy. That is often not seen, but felt deeply.
I am so glag you took time to vent on Mayo Connect. You will find a whole host of loving folks here that although we are not doctors, have been through lots and as each of us chime in it's my hope you will feel that we are holding you up with caring words. You are not alone! Jim@thankful.