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4 hours ago · Need advice with heart issues in Heart Rhythm Conditions

@lioness– You have a way with words! Loved that saying! Be well! Jim@thankful

4 hours ago · CPAP machine for travel in Sleep Health

@johnbishop– I use the ResMed Air Sense 10 for both home & travel. It's stored in the typical gray carry case that I often see in many airports. Never had any issues with it as a carry on when flying. We went on a trip to an off grid lodge on the Rogue River in OR a few summers ago and there power is made with a generator and it comes on at 7 AM and off at 10PM. When I was looking into this for my C Pap they said they provide a battery and I just had to purchase a accessory to use for my C Pap use. It worked just fine! My brother uses C Pap as well and will often tent camp and found a small battery operated one that he likes very much, but I'm not sure of the brand name? Jim @thankful

10 hours ago · Need advice with heart issues in Heart Rhythm Conditions

@jadillow– This surprises me that you only received the numbers on those two? Generally when they do blood work for a lipid count they include at least five numbers and your LDL and Triglycerides are a very important part of the lipid count. The LDL also referred to the "Lousy One" should preferebly below 60.

10 hours ago · Need advice with heart issues in Heart Rhythm Conditions

@lioness– I'm glad she will request the full lipid profile. My doctor generally sends me to a lab to have the full meal deal and that is how it has always been handled for me. Not sure why a company would limit it to just those two when it paints only a partial picture of what one needs to know, especially the Dr.? Jim @thankful

2 days ago · Sleeping with Pets: Is it healthy? in Sleep Health

@johnbishop– I read a similiar article some time ago and passed it on to a few friends that I know do this.
I've had dogs for pets ever since I was young kid, but never got to that point of having them sleep in my bed or even in my room.
I love these wonderful companions, but sleeping with them is where I draw the line.
I totally get it in many cases, but the article points out several things to consider.
I have some friends that have 4 labs and the dogs often sleep in their bed with them. I know they have a king, but please, this seems a bit over the top!
I don't think he owns a jacket that isn't always covered with dog hair!
No wonder that pets represent a multi billion $ industry in this nation!
OK, I'll step off my stool now 🙂 Jim @thankful

Tue, May 14 10:40am · Hand tremors in Brain & Nervous System

@lisalucier– My ET is not bad enough that I would want to take a script for it, but I am planning to give Accupuncture a try. Right now the main thing that suffers is my handwriting. "The nuns would find it unacceptable"!

Sat, May 11 10:07am · Repatha as a treatment for high HDL Cholesterol in Heart & Blood Health

@sue225– I have been on statins for 15 years and I have tolerated some better then others and all seemed to have lower my cholesterol, but on my last trip to the Mayo in Scottedale, AZ. my cardiologist suggested I switch to Rosuvastatin (generic form of Crestor). I had been on 40 ml. of all the others prior, but he suggested to start with 20 ml and after 6 months all my numbers were way better. The one he was most wanting to drop was the LDL(L for lousy). It went from 86 to 68 in that time period. Jim @thankful

Fri, Apr 26 1:50pm · Paralyzed Diaphragm in Lung Health

@usmccam– We are looking forward to hearing your inspirational ideas after you are more stabilized sir.
I can't help think of our most recent trip back home flying with SW Airlines. It seems like their flight attendants have fun in what they do and although we were not flying over any water on the way home, they decided to have some fun with the mandatory guidance for proper use of inflating the life perserver. I only mention this as I was reading your description of "One lobe inflated, but not the other one". All I could think about the comical routine the attendant did as he was demonstrating the "correct procedure". It's probably one of those "you gotta be there to hear & see it", but hopefully I interjected a little levity into your current situation and provided at least a big smile on your face! God bless you also and have a wonderful weekend! Jim @thankful