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14 hours ago · Cleaning your CPAP mask. in Sleep Health

@johnhans– I do the same with the water height as well! Works for me!

14 hours ago · Cpap and sleep in Sleep Health

@cece55– Good for you! I've been following your posts on this matter and didn't really have anything to add in that I use a totally different mask, but sounds like you are making great progress! Jim @thankful

5 days ago · SoClean Machine in Lung Health

@starfirey2k– I've used C-pap for over 20 years and I cannot ever remember getting sick from using it.

6 days ago · Cpap and sleep in Sleep Health

@cece55– As you may have read in my past posts I've been using C-pap for 20+ years and when I asked my sleep Dr. about the cleaning issues he just suggested just what you said about weekly. I rotate new or clean cushions for my nasal mask weekly and wash with mild soapy water using a product called Newport+ Home Lemon Verbena or Lavendar Sage that is infused with coconut & essential oils.
It's not overpowering, but gentle and leaves a nice lightly scented smell to my gear. As for the mental state of not allowing ourselves go to a negative place I have always focused on sort of my Zen position (not sure exactly want that means) but for me it means getting comfortable in bed on my back with my pillow slightly elevated and a light comforter over me and arms folded on my sides out of the blankets. I do some shallow breathing taking breaths in through my nose and then letting the air out slowly through my mouth. This helps me focus on relaxing. I do all this and if I feel sleepy enough I put on my gear and usually am asleep in 15 min. Other times especially when I have lots on my mind I do the big no no and turn on my TV. Usually Natl Geographic or History channel and set the timer for 15 minutes. I don't watch whats on, but it provides enough of a distraction that my mind doesn't kick in and usually I'm asleep before the TV goes off.
I have never been sick that I'm aware of because of unclean equipement and for me see no reason to add a SoClean to my night table.
Happy Zzzz's Jim @thankful

6 days ago · Cpap and sleep in Sleep Health

@johnbishop, @alanbruce– I wish I could have my earlier numbers when I 1st started using C-pap, but that was too many years ago.
Currently I have 1-2 events throughout the night and stay in the range of 1.3- 1.7 ahi. I avg. 7.5 hrs. per night and consistantly that has been the case months on end. Perhaps longevity in using the C-pap is the real answer here and I'm an old pro at this one. You heard me say often that the mask is key for how well you take to C-pap and I still believe that, but I do believe that will take some time for everyone to settle on that's just right for them (kinda like the 3 bears :)) The one thing that I have also found that is key is that once we become aware of leakage issues there is a tendency to over correct the tightness of the mask and that often leads to further discomfort. I have found that all it takes is the slightest adjustments that really make a difference and add to a much better experience. Compared to where I started, I wear my mask much less as tight as I ever have. I still get an occasional sad face as far as leakage, but for the most part I ignore that and keep going. Happy Zzzz's Jim @thankful

Wed, Jan 9 12:41pm · High Calcium Score in Heart & Blood Health

@tim1028– Tim, I had been on 40 mg. of Atorvastatin for about a year and began experiencing numbness in my feet when I walked. Went to the Scottsdale Mayo for a 2nd opinion on sevral heart issues and when discussing statins my cardiologist suggested moving to Rosuvastatin because in his opinion worked best on LDL. My LDL was at 78 at the time and he wanted me to get below 70. After 6 months of 20 mg. of Rosuvastatin, all my levels got much better including my LDL dropped to 64. Since than that continued 20 mg dose has maintained those numbers and the numbness is gone best of all!

Fri, Jan 4 4:56pm · Hand tremors in Brain & Nervous System

@jlind– I have very similiar ET issues as you and for as long and my writing seems to be the only thing that has suffered greatly.
I've looked into several treatments and all were using another drug and decided against that for me.
Recently I met someone who told me that they have a family member who has ET that is a bit more severe than what I described I was dealing with and they said that Acupuncture was helping them quite a bit. I'm looking into that for me just to see if it will make a difference.
Jim @thankful