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5 days ago · Mouth Taping in Sleep Health

@lotsofpain– I agree with @johnhans with this and discuss this with a sleep Dr. Although I don't have a deviated septum, I am a mouth breather.
Generally the solution here is to go with a full face mask, but I've tried this on several occasions and between high mask leak and not enjoying "skin diving" while I sleep I choose to wear a chin strap with a nasal mask. Most nights I sleep like a baby! Happy Zzz's Jim @thankful

Thu, Jul 11 3:13pm · Handling Ups and Downs in Marriage and other relationships in Depression & Anxiety

@gingerw– Thank you for your kind & supportive words! Jim@thankful

Thu, Jul 11 1:16pm · Handling Ups and Downs in Marriage and other relationships in Depression & Anxiety

@lisalucier-My wife & I have been married 43 years and we've known from the beginning that we were in many ways polar opposites. I've for the most part have viewed that as part of our strength. About 18 years ago while on vacation with our children my wife began suffering from what we learned a year later was Crohn's. There have been many ups & downs throughout those years, but once she was given Remicade, things really settled down. As we've aged there have been new dimensions to her illness that have me concerned and it seems she has been for the most part in denial of much of this.
We somewhat haved reversed roles that are a typical of a couple in that I tend to be the one that that has all the feelings and wants to talk things out and my wife feels I'm over reacting and there is no real problem. We always went to each others Dr. appts., but now she would rather me not come.
I see things happening to her and she does not to the point that she denies it. My kids on visits have seen the same things and have also tried to say something, but those conversations do not go anywhere. When I had my heart attack in May of 14 she was wonderful & caring and although very serious having a single stent placed in my LAD was enough and I fully recovered and regained much of my strength & vigor. I'm 5 years (67) older than my wife and she has slowed down quite a bit. Our sex life has suffered quite a bit and I have suggested that we see a Dr. together and even consider some counseling but she is not really interested in persueing that at all. I know we both love each other dearly, but our relationship has stalled.
I'm committed to our relationship and I believe my wife is as well. Life goes on and I'm hoping for a breathrough. I trust God and continue caring & loving this beautiful person that He brought into my life hoping things will change. Never give up and remain thankful. Jim@thankful

Mon, Jul 8 11:33pm · Mayo Clinic Radio: Sex after Heart Attack in Just Want to Talk

@colleenyoung– Oh, I thought all along people were talking about sex after of heart attacks when they were referring to aftershocks and Ricter scale readings….. Yes….. Jim @thankful

Mon, Jun 17 2:16pm · Another Chest Pain story in Heart & Blood Health

@pikespeakguy– I'm ok with trusting tests, but often who does the test or what specific test is being done makes a world of difference.
My case in point. I was left with a EF (enjection fraction) of about 35 after my HA and I asked about what I could do to improve it. The cardiologist told me that continuing the exercise program I was doing and eating a bit better could help, but he said normally you will get improvement within the 1st year. I did all I could about that over the next year and was hoping on my 1 year anniversity that I would have some great improvements! Well, none came and I was told that sometimes that happens. I was definitely bumbed out and felt like damaged goods. A year later had another Echo and still no change.
Two years later I set up an appt. at the Scottsdale Mayo to get a second opinion on where things stood and after a battery of tests I ended with a Stress Echo that the Cardiologist and 2 techs were in there for. I was able to really push the limits and even though I was on a beta blocker I was able to break a heart rate of 150! After the stess echo I met with the Dr. and he told me this is preliminary until after he was able to analize everything, But he was confident in telling me that he thought my EF was more like 150- 155.
I was elated! I asked him how could that be after the results I had received 3 times earlier of no change? He simply said that either they were mistaken or things took longer for me.
I am a big fan of the stress echo because I believe it gives you a more reliable result.
BTW, you never give up! Never! Trust but verify! If going to the Mayo is at all an option for you I would highly recommend that! Jim@thankful

Mon, Jun 17 12:12am · Another Chest Pain story in Heart & Blood Health

@pikespeakguy– Hoping if you are a father that you had a good day!
As for your story I can't imagine your 1st Dr. recommended that many perscriptions what seems to be a short amount of time?
It almost sounds like doctoring by the numbers. NEXT! Glad you moved on from that. The next Dr. (cardiologist?) who ordered up the appropiate tests and you say is great then goes on to say that she doesn't buy into all that anxiety stuff? Hello! I would definitely be looking elsewhere based on that alone.
You have every right to be an advocate for your own health and you may have to put up a little bit of a fight with your insurance carrier, but your own well being is worth it!
In 2014 I had a serious heart attack. As crazy as that seemed to me at that time I know my body and I know symthoms and this was the real deal!
Perhaps my first mistake was not having an ambulance come to the house, but rather had my dear wife drive me 20 minutes to a very good hospital.
After jumping through several hoops in the hospital business office, I finally in tears asked to see the ER Dr. because I'm having a HA!
I was rushed into the ER and they did several of the tests you mentioned and for some strange reason the Cardiologist seemed to think I was not having a HA and told my wife that they would be keeping me over night and do a stress test in the morning. I was still in an amazing amount of pain and yet it seemed like the Dr. was unwilling to do much more at the time. My wife left to grab my toiletry bag at home and while she was gone a Echo Cardiogram tech came in and began to do his thing and then moments later disappeared, briefly returning with the Cardiologist and things went very fast at that point!
I was incredibly fortunate and only needed one stent even though I had a 100% blockage in my LAD, often referred to as the "Widow Maker".
I only tell you this story because even though these tests were not showing that I was having a HA, I just knew I was and I always wondered days later that if that Dr. looked at my chart and knew I had been treated for panic attacks and anxiety years earlier and was still on 1 mg. of klonopin did he make the judgement that "this was all in my head"!
More than likely the answer for you is somewhere in between. Anxiety is a powerful thing and can make you feel both in mind and body something is wrong, but also as was in my case it took one more test that ended up saving my life. I will always be forever thankful for that!
Keep advocating for yourself because you know your body and nobody cares as much about you as yourself! Jim @thankful

Fri, Jun 14 1:01pm · Great opportunities are heavy burdens: meet @becsbuddy in About Connect: Who, What & Why

@becsbuddy– Becky, it was great to read your spotlight and get to know the person behind the posts that we have all grown to enjoy because of your endearing nature. Thanks! Jim @thankful

Mon, May 27 1:50pm · High Calcium Score in Heart & Blood Health

@mark430– Mark, what is the dose of K2 and the manufacturer you purchase it from? Don't have an answer for you on the uncalcified hot plaque diminishes, but I'm not sure I mentioned this in my earlier post that my cardiologist at Mayo in Scottsdale, AZ. really likes to go after the LDL more than anything and mine was 82 at the time and he put me on 20 ml. of Rosuvastatin (generic for Crestor) and 6 months later all my numbers were even better especially my LDL was at 65. In the past I had always been on 40 ml of the other statins, but he felt lets start here. He was very happy as was I with the results! Jim @thankful