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Fri, Aug 30 1:02pm · Essential tremors in Brain & Nervous System

@hopeful33250, @jimb– I still have some triggers though I just checked another one off my long held list. Just got back from Victoria B.C. and went out on a small whalewatching tour boat quite a ways out into the ocean. Luckily is was very calm and there were lots of Humbacks & Orcas for distractions!
All in all walking for me is a great stress reliever. I generally go 4-5 times a week on a 3 1/2 mile trek that is mostly wooded and on some boardwalks through some ponds & creeks that always have lots of wildlife.
Also, since writing is the toughest for me I try noy to put myself in situations that when I need to do it I do it earlier in the day and if it's out in public I try to move down the counter out of the way or simply have my wife sign for me. Seek to be joyful! Jim @thankful

Wed, Aug 28 10:27am · Essential tremors in Brain & Nervous System

@jmb73– Greetings and welcome to Mayo Connect! I was diagnosed with ET over 20 years ago and for me I was told that it could get worse or perhaps not.
I would say that it has progressed at a very, very slow rate and I have not chosen to take anything for it. The main thing it has effected has been my handwriting. I am a left hander and the ET has only effected that limb so it's difficult to write very legible, but I tend to hold my writing standards high ever since going through parochial schooling with nuns. I am retired just over a year, but continue my skills as a carpenter at home without any real effect from ET.
I tend to only realize it's effects on me when I write (even a small note) and the next day ask myself what did I write?
jmb73, I hope you can learn to cope with this and give yourself some peace of mind that things could be much worse. I try to be thankful for every day I am on this planet around family and friends. Be well! Jim@thankful

Sun, Aug 4 10:28pm · My perfectionist family is causing my depression even worse in Depression & Anxiety

@artscaping– Chris, so sorry to hear this story of your granddaughter. We all have hopes for our kids & grandkids and your story just breaks my heart as I can tell it does yours as well. I will keep both of you in my prayers. May God fill you with His peace in the midst of this challenging story. Jim @thankful

Sun, Aug 4 10:16pm · Hand tremors in Brain & Nervous System

@waterboy– Keep us posted on what you find out. I for one would be very interested in hearing about this new procedure.
Thanks Jim @thankful

Wed, Jul 31 1:54pm · Getting off Klonapin (klonazapam) in Depression & Anxiety

@rucyrious– I've taken Klonopin/Clonazepam for well over 20+ years. I have remained on the initial dosage of 1 mg. over all those years and have never felt a need to raise it. My only side effects is when I forget to take a dose which feels more like missing my morning Joe. I've had no problems taking it through all these years. As I have written in earlier posts, I believe Klonopin gave me back my life! I was experiencing panic attacks frequently with a few phobias as a result of those attacks. Once on for about 2-3 weeks I finally realized how well things were going. I started back driving on highways again, crossing bridges, flying on airplanes, being able to be in crowds again. There has been a fair amount written on this site about getting off Benzo's and I have been considering that, but even with minimal drops over long periods of time some have had difficulty and then for many going back is never the same. I'm a firm believer that if its not broke, why fix it! I wish you all my best! Jim @thankful

Fri, Jul 26 11:50pm · Transforming stigma to acceptance: Meet @jakedduck1 in About Connect: Who, What & Why

@jakedduck1– Loved your honesty & transparency in the Spotlight! I have always felt that really comes through in your posts and these questions really brought that home to me even more. You are a really fine man Leonard. I'm glad we got the "jakedduck figured out"! My youngest daughter has a beanie baby collection here at the house so I will have to check and see if that is part of hers.
I love Mt. Shasta as well and the reservoir being full again makes it look even better especially with Shasta's reflection!
Thank you for sharing with all of us! We are better and stronger because you are part of our group! Jim@thankful.

Tue, Jul 23 1:22pm · Cleaning your CPAP mask. in Sleep Health

@jjspokane61– Great to hear your news! I totally agree about the humidity setting. I used to preheat even before I went to bed, but now I have it set for auto and that works much better for me. I also agree about "getting past the learning period" comment.
As I've said in the past I believe the mask is everything. If you can find the right mask that is comfortable, less likely to leak and not claustrophobic that will clearly make the learning period much quicker. Then enjoy the better sleep we're getting compared to before! Happpy Zzzz's! Jim @thankful

Sun, Jul 14 1:54pm · Mouth Taping in Sleep Health

@lotsofpain– I agree with @johnhans with this and discuss this with a sleep Dr. Although I don't have a deviated septum, I am a mouth breather.
Generally the solution here is to go with a full face mask, but I've tried this on several occasions and between high mask leak and not enjoying "skin diving" while I sleep I choose to wear a chin strap with a nasal mask. Most nights I sleep like a baby! Happy Zzz's Jim @thankful