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3 days ago · When should you seek help? in Digestive Health

Hi @techi, can you call and leave a message with your provider? When you call request for the desk staff to ask your provider if the appointment is needed or not. Hopefully that will clear it up. 🙂

3 days ago · Sudden Hearing Loss in Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat

@squaredancer! Great news!! I’m so glad to hear your implant is complete. Thank you for keeping us updated with your progress.
I look forward to hearing about your activation too. I’ve heard happy patient reviews on the Nucleus 7 model!
I wish you the best on November 7th…I work in the Audiology department and activation day is always so exciting.

3 days ago · Kidney transplant in Transplants

Hi @mlmcg! I wonder if the building you have described here is the Charter house?

3 days ago · Kidney transplant in Transplants

whoops. You are correct! Thanks, Rosemary. 🙂

3 days ago · Pulmonary Fibrosis in Lung Health

@browneyes60, Hello and Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! We are happy to have you here and glad you found us too!

In my opinion, I think that’s the one drag to the patient portal- reading information and not having the ability to talk with your medical professional immediately. If you are going to continue to read on medical web sites- just make sure it’s a reputable source. Otherwise this may be a good time to keep yourself busy and keep your mind busy at least until you can speak with your provider and get details about your scan. Normally what happens is the scan is done then the Radiologist reads the scan, writes a report and then it’s released for review. Be content knowing that your provider will call you as soon as he or she reviews your scans and report. (I know waiting is the worst)
If you don’t mind, keep us informed of what your provider says. We look forward to supporting and helping you along the way. Post any questions and or thoughts you have. The wonderful thing about this community is….what ever you post here turns around to a learning experience for other future members.

5 days ago · sudden hearing loss followed by unbearable tinnitus in Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat

Hello @falconfly, you will notice that I merged your topic on tinnitus to an already existing thread on hearing loss followed by unbearable tinnitus. I hope you find the content within this thread helpful.

Have you talked with your physician about the swishing in your ears? Have you had any hearing loss with your symptoms? You may find the information link that Teresa posted above informative as well.

The members such as @trishanna and @johnnyb7 within this thread have shared helpful information- please reach out to them for questions about what you are experiencing- they too have experienced tinnitus symptoms.

5 days ago · Mentor Teleconference - October 2017 in Mentors & Moderators

Good morning!
I apologize for my participation absence yesterday. It was great to hear everyone’s voices! I was listening to all of you while driving to a class for EPIC training. Here is my post conference contribution.

My primary groups are eye/ ENT and visiting mayo clinic

What aspect or skill set do you I feel ads the most value to mayo clinic connect?

I feel that my skill set that benefits me most is empathy and compassion. I feel able to really connect with members and or mentors.

The aspect that I feel adds the most value to my work on mayo clinic connect is my view from being a clinical assistant for 17 years and seeing what patients experience firsthand while living with a medical history. I feel I add most value to conversation on connect when I can suggest to a member to advocate for themselves. Being a clinical assistant for so long I have seen alot of patients that don’t know how to advocate or don’t ask enough questions from their providers. Or don’t follow up with appointments or are embarrassed to not understand what their provider has consulted about in the office and in turn come to mayo Clinic Connect and ask what their doctor meant by….. I believe that being a patient there’s a lot of vulnerability and a large amount of responsibility in seeking answers for your health care and asking questions when you don’t understand- and this should be a priority for everyone. I really enjoy encouraging members to do this and makes me feel helpful.

In my free time I enjoy creating pottery. Working dual positions as a clinical assistant and in social media, my positions keep me very busy. It’s a loud and very active work environment and while I am working with Clay on a pottery wheel it helps me to be creative, quiet my mind and not to think about anything.

Again, great hearing from all of you yesterday. 🙂


Mon, Sep 4 12:12pm · Laser treatment for spinal stenosis? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hi @leslie324,

I wasn’t able to find much on laser treatment for spinal stenosis. However, here is an article by Paul Huddleston, III, M.D., Orthopedic Surgery, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN about nonsurgical treatment for spinal stenosis-
Also, I have included at podcast from the Mayo Clinic news network on research and treatment for spinal stenosis that may be of interest to you.

@sandytoes14, @predictable – do any of you have any insight about laser treatment for spinal stenosis?