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Aug 12, 2016 · Facet Joint Injections - Anyone had success? in Spine Health

I suppose it all depends on the individual. I’ve heard great success stories. On the other hand I’ve heard and personally experienced the opposite. I found that NONE of my 30+ epidural and facet injections (as a male, your only allowed 3 per year, not sure if the same holds true for women) eased the pain at all. The only thing it was delay the inevitable (surgeries 13X), but also drained my wallet. I’m only 40 and have been on SSDI and Medicare for 9 years, so your cost and possibly better insurance may help ease that burden at least. My 2 cents: continue with the injections, and if you find them painful than I hear they can offer you anesthesia, so that would reduce your pain. At least go through a full cycle of injections to see if you get some relief. So at the end of the day you can be rest assured you’ve exhausted all other options besides surgery. Because once you have one (especially if it’s a fusion) you are guaranteed to have more down the road.
Best of luck to you, and I know/feel your frustration and pain.
P.S. Their is a new Spinal Cord Stimulator Manufacturer on the market called NEVGRO or NEVRO. I’d look into that and see if thats an option.

Apr 25, 2016 · What pillow works for you to help reduce pain? in Chronic Pain

Thank you for your reply, you are the 2nd person who has mentioned the
horseshoe pillow for relief. I will definitely look into it. Thanks again
for taking the time to respond to my post. I cant tell you how much a
simple gesture like that helps me make it through one more day
Best Regards,

Apr 25, 2016 · What pillow works for you to help reduce pain? in Chronic Pain

Thank you for your response. I really appreciate the feedback and
options. I wish I could use the neck stretching device (I’m drawing a
blank on the name of the device), I actually own one, but have been told I
can no longer use because I am fused from C2-T1, and could cause worse
damage due to all the cages, rods, screws etc.
Thanks again on the pillow recommendations.
Best Regards,

Apr 22, 2016 · What pillow works for you to help reduce pain? in Chronic Pain

Dear Jane,
Thank you for your response. Do you mind me asking where you purchased
yours, are their variations, how long you’ve owned one etc.

Apr 20, 2016 · What pillow works for you to help reduce pain? in Chronic Pain

Can anyone in the chronic pain community recommend a pillow that they absolutely love, that helps ease neck and back pain,(especially those who are side sleepers) and where they got it. Conversely, I also welcome product names and types that you all have personally tried and failed. Thus helping me to navigate through the numerous amount of products that exist on the market these days.
Thank you, and best regards, and I hope everyone is making it through one more day.

Apr 12, 2016 · 3 mos. post-op from 13th spine surgery, the last 8 being fusions in Spine Health

Dear RiverQueen,
Thank you for your response and suggestions. Save for my back and neck
problems, I’m a completely healthy 40 y.o. male at 5’11” 158lbs. I played
soccer and baseball through my sophomore year in College, then went to work
in the bar industry followed by a nasty car accident. I dont feel I’m
“sabotaging” my recovery, its just I made the mistake of having a fusion,
which I’m sure your aware of just puts pressure on the discs above and
below the fused discs. Thus the domino effect took place. I just figured
since I dont have any discs left (except in most of my thoracic area) I
would be fine due to all the screws, rods, pins, plates, cages etc. that
what damage could possibly be done? Or more than likely I need to speak to
a professional and personally learn to lower my expectations. I dont know
anymore. A lot of times, I just feel like giving up.
Thank you for getting back to me!!

Apr 11, 2016 · Chronic pain - Let's talk in Chronic Pain

My bad. I meant St. Judes Medical, not St. Josephs.

Apr 11, 2016 · Chronic pain - Let's talk in Chronic Pain

I’m on my 2nd SCS, this one my St. Josephs, my first was Medtronics. St.
Joes also told me there would be no “tingling” or “shocking” feelings. Not
so. I spoke to the rep and he said that technology would be approved this
summer. Not getting my hopes up. I’ve also inquired about an intrathecal
pain pump. How has that worked for you? I’m tired of taking oral opiods
daily. I’m 40 w/13 spine surgeries, most of them being fusions both
cervically and lumbar. I’m going crazy here in AZ and dont know where to
look for help. Thank you for your post and I look forward to your response
and suggestions,