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Apr 4, 2016 · Follow-up questions after an aortic aneurysm repair surgery. in Heart Rhythm Conditions


First time Post.

Have recently had an aortic aneurism repair surgery.
Endovascular technique. All went well.

Apparently, there will need to be periodic followup visits, each with a CT Scan, to
check for stent leakage. Initially, after six months, then apparently each year or so.

I have had difficulty in understanding Surgeon’s answer (that “old age” problem),
and would be most appreciative for any information or thoughts on this:

a. I was told by the surgeon that if there is a stent leak, I would have absolutely no indication of it.
Would only show on the (new) next CT scan.

As the “new” CT scan could be six months, or a year away, if a leak develops right after a CT scan, what happens ?

Is it an Emergency situation ? Any indication at all ?

*But I wouldn’t, presumably, even know about it for “quite a while”, until the
next CT scan.

What happens ?

b. Concerned about all of the CT scans.

Surgeon said “only CT” but are there any new imaging techniques that you know about that would give images of the same quality and resolution, that wouldn’t be so
potentially harmful ? My understanding is that the metal in the stent precludes MRI, e.g.

Thanks; appreciate your thoughts,