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Mar 31, 2016 · I have unexplained weight gain and blood in my urine in Kidney & Bladder

Im very new to this and not sure where to post here it goes
Im 49 healthy female i workout a lot not in gym but am a outdoors person. In last 2.5 yrs i have gained 42 lbs. Im a healthy eater. Some probkens ive noticed
Hardly pee maybe ince a day is normal at times twice
Have had my pee checked and always shows blood.
Lots weiggt gain.
Eat healthy

I dint think its notmal to hardly pee as i drink at least 3-4 pitcher of water a day. Ppl cimment about the amount i drink i feel dehydrated all time and rather fill up in fluids over food.
Im constantly going to dr and getting blood wirk abd she says im good.

Any info please .so depressing gaining so much weight