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May 9, 2016 · Migraines in Chronic Pain

My migraines started when I was 34 (I am now 76) They were bad for about 31 years. I have taken cafergot, butalbital, fioricet, to mention a few. When I was 65 I hurt my neck and for 6 months had physical therapy and other treatments prescribed by my neurologist, they helped to a certain point.
Then I decided to try acupuncture, it started to work. I mention the doctor my problem with bad migraines and he added more needles to treat that. To make the story short it took about 7 months to completely eliminate both pains. I have been migraine free since 2006. I have heard that acupuncture doesn’t work for everybody but I think it is worth it to try, plus no side effect at all. I also have general arthritis, back and hip problems and acupuncture has been my savior because the only medication I can tolerate is Tylenol. Right now I have plantar fasciitis and I am treating it the same way.