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Jun 1, 2016 · Vestibular disorder in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I’ve had vertigo for no reason,, like poop happens,, and the EPLEY maneover diagram plus INSTRUCTIONS can be found on the web or your doctor can print you a copy (if you don’t have a printer at home)… yes, the head has to be tilted so the crown is on the bed, and a firm pillow is put on the lower shoulder blades.. do this twice daily, or more if necessary… it does move the crystals and u will get relief… always, always,, report to your health professisonal any other serious illnesses that you can’t deal with at home…. good luk

Jun 1, 2016 · Vestibular disorder in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

The EPLEY maneouver works well.. It must be done morning and night, or more
often if needed… Just remember to breathe when doing it and relax as much
as possible..If you do the EPLEY faithfully for 5 days straight, you should
have results. But, don’t stop abruptly,, keep doing this maneouver daily
for a couple of months or until you feel you have dealt adequately with the
Vertigo.(dizziness). However, if it persists, a medical specialist should
be sought to test for other causes. good luck, the EPLEY worked for me.

May 27, 2016 · Pros and cons of Prozac? in Depression & Anxiety

Hello. All medications can have side effects, so tread lightly. There are other psycho-tropic meds that are tested and tried. Of course, psycho-therapy should be considered in conjunction with meds for the best results. Speak with a psychiatrist or psychologist before starting ANY drug regimen.
……mental illness can be treated successfully – just like a physical illness, however, the brain is more complicated but it is also very malliable and it does heal with the proper treatments…. good luck… keep posting ‘good things’..

May 15, 2016 · Getting second opinions in Breast Cancer

Hey, second and third opinions are your ‘peace of mind;/// I have always
gotten other healthcare professional opinions on anything that is life
alternating. Just keep things simple, honest and forthright with the new
referral doctors. In fact, another doctor may be honoured or impressed
that you care enuf about your body to get a more thorough diagnosis…
There are too many mis-diagnosis today, one cannot take the risk of being
one of the fold. good luck, PS> even a ‘nurse practitioner’ is more
enlightened about todays diseases than an actual ‘general practitioner(ie.
family doctor)..

May 11, 2016 · Ablation for AVNRT produced RBBB - anyone else? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I also have RBBB. (75 yrs old) ..Your doctor has the same approach to the
condition. ”nothing to worry about’… IF… it was LBBB then there’s a
problem.. I was told by my health professional, if..IF… RBBB becomes a
problem…down the road… a ‘pacemaker’ can be inserted to correct the
mis-fireing of an electrical current to the ‘heart’.. this procedure is
non-invasive and works well for electrical abnormalities….

Hope this helps…. live life and ‘don’t fret the ‘small’ stuff. that’s my
motto… s

Apr 20, 2016 · My son is having seizures. Looking for information on how to cope in Epilepsy & Seizures

Hello. I know for certain there is surgery available for seizures.
Whether your son qualifies is the question. Only your health professional
will advise you on the procedure. Often, seizures are controlled with
medication but as the patient gets older, they are restricted in performing
activities such as sports, driving a vehicle, and more debilitating,
obtaining gainful employment…
I wish you all the best in getting the proper treatment for your son.

Apr 3, 2016 · Seroquel for anxiety, social anxiety & PTSD in Depression & Anxiety

i AM presently being weaned off seroquel.. It has a very sedating effec and
causes weight gain…big time.. I sleep 20-22 hours daily, I also take
olanzapine is has effects as well.. They all have effects that nobody
should have to contend with… Hopefully, the psych doctors will soon learn
that mental illness needs more research and funding and new medications
need to be developed without such debilitATING effects… I am presently n
75 seroquel, then after two weeks 50 mg, than, 25, than off.. then,
olanzapine will need to be addressed. as it causes side effects too, (don’t
they all)… Have you ever considered taking medical marjuania? i am
considering this…