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May 23, 2018 · back pains, left side and I am close to level 3 kidney disease, in Kidney & Bladder

I am very careful about my diet and have not knowingly consumed anything containing caffeine for many decades. All of my research and my own personal experience is that caffeine has many negative health side effects and I have chosen to forgo any other pleasureable benefits from consuming it in favor of better health.

Feb 13, 2017 · Possible low kidney function in Kidney & Bladder

Sorry that you are experiencing kidney health problem. I an in year 8 of dealing with similar issues and have acquired a lot of information and experience with the disease. The most important piece of data to be aware. of is your creatinine number from your blood work. Health kidney function level is around 1.0. When the number starts getting around 3.0, there is serious illness and the direction is towards being on dialysis, a very debilitating process on the body and quality of life. My best advice at this point, is to find a nephrologist at a teaching hospital near you and begin working them right away. I am willing and available to share information with you about my own journey in deals big with this very long gestating and very long debilitating chronic disease.