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Apr 25, 2016 · What type of implants does Mayo use for hip replacements? in Joint Replacements

I am scheduled for what is called a revision. The lining between the ball and socket is to be replaced.
I understand the socket will also be replaced.
Is this a common procedure? I am having second thoughts regarding this procedure as lately I am thinking that my discomfort is muscular, as I have no sharp pain.
My hip (one of 2) is 24 years old and I am 78. (titanium, ceramic ball and plastic socket)
I have had x-rays and an MRI.
I am still playing pickle ball with no sharp pain. If I sit in my rocking chair I have little or no pain but I am not ready to do that yet.
Swimming is not a problem.
The thigh muscle has never returned to proper size. Example I can’t balance on this leg.
My other hip is fine. (metal on metal which I understand they don’t do now)

Thanks for the input.


Apr 18, 2016 · Loss of feeling/strength in left leg following hip replacement surgery. in Joint Replacements

Obviously you need to check out the operation result.
You need a second opinion.
Have you had an x-ray or MRI to look in there.
There are many patients with success stories.
My brother is back playing hockey, tennis, and pickle ball.
My wife is fine.(bad back)
I have two hip replacements. I have been playing pickle ball, tennis and swimming lots.
My first hip is 24 years old. I need an insert now. Second fine.