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Mar 26, 2016 · Spinal Fusion of L1-L4: Managing pain, what works for you? in Spine Health

Hi there; I had two laminectomies done ( unsuccessful) so last November a surgeon did decompression and Herrington rods inserted from waist down, once everything settled I had a tremendous amount of nerve and muscle pain mainly around the SI joints which radiated down to my feet. I did go to Physio and have nothing but good to report on the value. I have a series of home exercises to follow, which are constantly updated and checked when I go in weekly. They also do a fairly new treatment IMS which is inter muscle therapy done with needles similar to acupuncture needles. One of the physiotherapists is just completing her acupuncture studies which I will use when she is completed. I can’t say enough good about the benefits of IMS for post spinal surgery of any type and the benefit of gabapentin for the accompanying nerve pain, hopefully this bit of my experience will be beneficial for you.

Mar 22, 2016 · Terrible sciatica pain: The 6 days steroids in Spine Health

Hi there! I too had severe sciatica. I fell several years ago, landed on my low spine. Fractured five ribs, everything moved along well after. I had a hip replacement six years ago; found after that my sacrum was permanently displaced. My sciatic nerve started talking to me, found disc problems, had two laminectomies, followed by fusion from S4 down to SI, rods inserted. This left me with chronic peripheral neuropathy which made sciatica seem like a whisper. Am on hydromorph 24/7 with break through doses, a myriad of anti convulsants and anti inflammatories. My SI joint is frozen causing chronic debilitating nerve pain. I am finding this very difficult accepting the unacceptable as this is my forever and I find depression is the hardest part. Any ideas how I can balance severe pain and depression. I am struggling and can’t get my centre back. I remain active to keep muscle function as they are not fed by the nerves, I battle constant drowsiness by keeping busy but am at the end of my tether. Anyone else trying to keep the balance with depression and severe pain?