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Apr 18, 2016 · New to epilepsy and need guidance and support in Epilepsy & Seizures

Hi Ms Colleen! Zach is having ups (YEAH!) and a few downs in the past few weeks. The new doctor has him on a new medicine. Getting that regulated is a challenge! He HAS been able to get out of the house some in the past few weeks!!
Everybody at church has been just REALLY encouraging and HAPPY to see Zach out and about! All those prayers are
On Wednesday, Zach is going to visit his brother for a few days. Joel is a dentist and is going to do a bunch of work on Z’s teeth. All the medicines are having a horrible effect on Zach’s teeth! We hope Z is able to handle the noises and the smells AND the unfamiliar bedroom! We hope the visit goes well!
Thank you for checking back on us! I hope you have a great week!
Becca 🙂

Apr 1, 2016 · My 24 year old daughter had a lazy eye in Eye Conditions

Hi @diane25! I am sorry your daughter is not well! Have y’all been to a neuro-opthamologist? They can do a test to see exactly what of her vision is being affected. The migraine was causing my daughter to have major vision loss. This test helped us to know exactly how bad it was. She has not had another test since, but she does well in life. I think most of the vision loss has cleared up since the migraine is not so hurtful every minute of every day anymore. The migraine stays at a 1-2 all day everyday now… Instead of a 7-9. The folks at Mayo could probably find a neuro-opthomologist for you or they might have one on staff. I would check there first. Best wishes! @beccahp

Mar 22, 2016 · New to epilepsy and need guidance and support in Epilepsy & Seizures

Hi! I just joined 5 minutes ago…hoping to find answers to questions I don’t even know how to ask. Our son, at 19, got ‘swine flu’ while at college. He was unable to go to class and had to withdraw. It affected his autonomic system horribly and he lived with this for 3 years. We thought this was bad until the day he suddenly got a migraine that has lasted day and night for 3 years and counting… ALL DAY, EVERY DAY…he feels like his head is about to explode. His sleep has been affected REALLY Badly! He might be able to sleep 2 hours in 24 hours. This is on TOP of the autonomic problems. Medicines work for about a week then have no effect on him at all. He has been at home these 6 years, only occasionally leaving the farm to go get his hair cut or to the doctors’ office. Our local doctor is awesome, but last week told us…with heartfelt despair that he “is at my wits’ end”. Doctors at Emory in Atlanta had no clue how to help him manage his pain or to have ANY life AT ALL. Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago tried to help and gave us “POTS” for a diagnosis. Mayo, in Jacksonville, tried to help, but gave us no answers and nothing to help. They told us to ‘Come back in a year.’ Right now, any activity outside the house is about too much for him to bear and we feel truly blessed WHEN he feels well enough to walk down the hill to feed the mules some apples! 🙂 If anyone wants to share advice, stories or whatever…please speak up! For the first time, last week, we heard ‘bipolar’ mentioned. We are researching lots about this new term… The folks at NAMI have been really nice about giving us advice and support the last few days… Thanks!
Prayers from LOTS of friends, family and even strangers have been the strength that is getting us by day by day! God has truly blessed us to be parents to this humble, sweet and wonderful young man who is enduring all these horrible things and never complains! We have to ask him how he is feeling. What a role model!
Any ideas about getting Disability to go on through?
Thanks for any and all help! 🙂 Beccahp