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Mar 23, 2016 · Diagnosed with SVT and want to talk with others in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I’m not sure if tachycardia is the appropriate dx currently; since the ablations, it has changed to bradycardia, hence, the pacemaker. The tachycardia was just the beginning. I now have shortness of breath, a spiking blood pressure which can descend as quickly as it increases and chest pains. I seemed to become symptomatic from the least bit of activity or sometimes from no activity. Stress test showed a TID ratio of 1.45 and the cath showed absolutely nothing – clean arteries. Just had a lung CT yesterday and scheduled for yet another echo. Previous echos produced normal studies. I’m sure this didn’t clear up anything as to where my post belongs. Believe me, no answers or suggestions after almost 20 years of this. By the way, I’ll be 54 at the end of March.

Mar 22, 2016 · Diagnosed with SVT and want to talk with others in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have had three ablations and a pacemaker for “sick sinus rhythm”; tachycardia. This has been going on for almost 20 years now with the unresolved problems. The shortness of breath has gotten so bad that I can’t even stand still and fold clothing without becoming short of breath. I’ve recently had a chemical stress test. I was told that my TID ratio was high and they would possibly implant a stent. Went to the cath lab yesterday and was told they found nothing. I’m scheduled for a pacemaker replacement next week (it’s been over 5 years since original). Does anyone know what the significance is for this TID? I just want to be able to be somewhat active again. It seems the docs are just not interested in finding what the problem is. I’m new the Winston-Salem NC area; if anyone knows of a good cardiologist, please let me know.