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Tue, Jun 23 12:35pm · Debating hip replacement in Joint Replacements

While in the hospital ask for PT to show you how to use the steps. Hospital stays have changed so much since my procedures in 2001 and 2003. Besides about 3 days in the hospital, I then went to a rehabilitation facility for about 5 days. While there I got daily PT and OT. By the time I got home, I had no pain and was able to manage quite well. It's too bad so much has changed.

Tue, Jun 23 7:12am · Debating hip replacement in Joint Replacements

I had two hip replacements in my 50s. I'm now 75 and walk every day with no pain or any difficulty. Having the replacements was the best decision I could have made. It has given me years of great mobility and independence. I don't know how many years I have left on these hips, but so far they show little wear. If you decide to do the surgery, which I highly recommend, get a surgeon who frequently does the procedure. Good luck. Keep us informed on how you do.

Fri, Jun 12 6:03pm · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

Hi Barb, I was actually looking at Christmas decorations when I fell. Now as I walk I look at gardens. As I'm walking about my neighborhood every day, not much new to take my attention so I can look ahead and keep my head up. Fortunately the sidewalks are in good condition.

Fri, Jun 12 12:39pm · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

I had a fall a few years ago, also because I was looking around at the scenery, instead of the sidewalk which had a rise. Down I went. Fortunately nothing broken but lots of blood from a cut. Now I look down when I walk. A small price to pay for safety.

Fri, Jun 12 8:10am · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

What I've noticed lately with getting older is that I heal more slowly. I recently hit my hand against a surface (not very hard) and a few days later saw a big round bruise that's still there. I also still have a red mark from a minor burn. In the past, this would not have happened. I'm 75 and able to get around okay, but when I walk outside, I'm careful so I don't trip on anything. I know falling now could cause problems. Not like in the past!

Sun, May 3 9:12pm · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

Unfortunately many young people are also getting sick and dying. We are all in this together. No group should be thought of as a liability. We all matter and no one has the right or good sense to suggest otherwise.

Sun, Apr 12 11:11am · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

Thanks virgo. During these terrible times, something so simple as taking a walk, becomes special and necessary, and of course the mental and physical benefits are enormous.

Sun, Apr 12 5:00am · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

Returning to the question of change as I get older, it is a challenge. I understand that I am more invisible to young people, but try to accept that. I am letting my grey hair grow in after so many years of covering it and am surprisingly enjoying it. I lost 40 pounds and can now move easier on my replaced hips and knees. The best decision I ever made was to fix those worn out parts. After so many years of pain and limitations, I am now free to take daily long walks (my only exercise now). I have to limit what I do on our property as bending over hurts my back, so just have to ignore the pesty weeds. Anyway it will soon be too hot to spend much time outdoors as I don't function well in the southern heat and humidity. I just hope I can stay as well as I am at 75 and for now just take one day at a time.