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Wed, Aug 7 1:23pm · Pseudobulbar affect (PBA) in Brain & Nervous System

I had to look up what PBA is and I have not been told I have it. I have fibromyalgia (2009) and had a stroke (may 17, 2015). I had noticed that I would get tears and hard to talk when someone was talking about an illness or I was not able to do something and asked for help. Now recently I have been upset more. I said no to a job offered to work in another location earlier this year got upset with tears unlike me. I am now having other medical problems related to fibromyalgia believe and have been crying in car, at home, in bed. Thanks for bring this to my attention I may need to talk to doctor about it.

Fri, Aug 2 2:37pm · Cerebellar Stroke - experience/treatment/recovery in Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases

Hugs and Prayers for you. It sounds like you have your doctors help which would take away your stress. My doctor's are creating my stress -or maybe it is the nurses. Things seem different in office verses over phone.

Thu, Aug 1 9:59am · Cerebellar Stroke - experience/treatment/recovery in Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases

Do you know what caused your stroke? I had my stroke effected right also on May 17, 2015 and don't know why. In 2017, I started having my right foot and ankle go numb or asleep and my doctor did a vein ultrasound where was found my veins want to spider had form new routes. (varicose veins) I am too young58 and can't have surgery for it because insurance says it is to look pretty so have to prove it by wearing compression socks. It helped. Now they are getting tight for me to wear and I have area around my groin that a cauterized star closer was put that hurts almost all time. Am to see dr. in two weeks about this and I am thinking I should be able to have the surgery for veins and get rid of these socks. They are a life saver for work and numbness but a pain to use.

Fri, May 3 10:52am · Video Q&A about Stroke in Brain & Nervous System

i have seen neurologist they said it was not on mri of brain and my ct of brain. They also felt it. One said it was similar to a baby's head. Today i can feel ridge coming down center of forhead.

Wed, May 1 1:37pm · Video Q&A about Stroke in Brain & Nervous System

i had stroke may 17, 2015 effected dominant right side with recover ok. My problem is have developed a ridge down center of head indented down and this year it is changing to raised with on each side indented. The indent changes daily i would say.Have you heard or seen this after stroke? It is not seen in a mri or ct of brain. It is thought it is between skull and outside surface skin. What kind of doctor do i see? I am worried about it?

Wed, Mar 6 12:22pm · Recovery after having a dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) surgery in Eye Conditions

very interesting. Your pictures turn when each one were touched on my phone.Prayers it help. will they do the other eye too or did you only have dry eye on one side. Thanks

Jul 30, 2018 · Video Q&A about Myocarditis in Heart & Blood Health

I am not getting video either.