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May 7, 2016 · Intermittent pain in my legs from knees down. Unable to stand in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hi Judy, what did your Neuroligist say?,I hope you found out what is causing the pains.I since seen my Medical Specialists & he said Ibproven DOES Not cause blood clotting & also a pharmacist told me the same thing.I still take the Ibproven when I need to.My appointment for Nerve test was cancelled due to the doctor being away, now I do not have the test until June 7 @ the hospital.But, now I found out I have nail fungus in both big toes also besides dealing with my arthritis in my spine & neck & the vertigo & sinusitis!I just got the prescription today & it was $86.00 for 20 days & I have a refill prescription up to 488 days!I can’t afford this amount every 20 days!I am going to check ononday about getting BLUE CROSS, my friend who is 70,told me she only pays $40.00 a month & it pays 80% for ambulance, eye wear & prescription.She said it does not cover dental after 65.Thank good I am only 56.Take care & hope you are doing well!

Apr 4, 2016 · Intermittent pain in my legs from knees down. Unable to stand in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hello, I have seen ️My Nueroligist twice now, I had pains in both legs & arms since last fall.Had 2 cat scans, one of head & one of spine. I found out I have advanced Osteoarthritis in my neck and spine , slipped disk & compressed nerve. Also, vertigo(sinis-sistis).Everything happened at once @ 55 yrs!I see a medical specialists tomorrow. I start Aquafit for 12 weeks, I hour each week & waiting for physio.I contacted the Arthritis Society too, & they sent out a package along with form to fill out to get Physio free at the General Hospital in Rehab.I currently take Ibproven 400 mg & Gabapentin 100 mg. I am very sensitive to medication & the Gabapentin seems to be working good.I am on the Ibproven only for 2 weeks, after that, the doctor at Emergency said as needed .BUT, this thickens the blood & can cause clotting!!!I already have thick blood so, while in church yesterday, I spoke with my Paster’s wife. She has MS & osteoarthritis in her spine too, she ended up off Ibproven because a very large blood clot formed in her upper leg, she almost died. She was a manager of a Health Food store in our area for years and is very knowledgeable. I am going to let the Specialist tomorrow know that I do not want to take Ibproven after this week is over & she suggested Jamison Collagen & Gluosamine, natural substances.Helps with pain.Also take an Aspirin when needed. The Gabapentin mg I take, the doctor is increasing me up to 300mg by the 3rd week. He said it goes up to 2400 mg.Because I have Sinusitis, my head causes pain in my arms and legs too, not only the Osteoarthritis. I get pressure in both ears from the Sinusitis but also pain occurred in the back of my head from the osteoarthritis in the neck. If I was not on the Gabapentin, I could not function everyday. I notice when I am within an hour from my next pain killer, the pain is already starting to be uncomfortable!I take out books from our local Library too & try to read as much as possible to help myself & others by my experiences!Take care❤️