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Nov 20, 2016 · Trigeminal Neuralgia* in Brain & Nervous System

I had pain all the time hard to brush my teeth shower eat or drink anything. lived on applesauce grits & soup. Tegrital helped somewhat but I was so drugged up I couldn’t work or drive. I had a procedure done took about ten minutes where they burn the nerve radio frequency lesioning. I am off medication life is back to normal . my face feels like I had dental work on one side and tongue tingling took about a week for my speech to return to normal. its been almost a year I was told the pain may come back if so I will just go back and redo.

Mar 14, 2016 · Trigeminal neuritis/neuralgia treatment: in Brain & Nervous System

Thanks my plan is radio frequency lesioning I still need to speak with the neurosurgeon. it seems less invasive than the others. I hate to hear the different procedure you went thru and they didn’t work. my face swells and gets really hot before the pain hits.. It started above my eye and forehead and has made ts way down to the cheek and jaw over the last few months. My lip and inside mouth kicks in and there is no way to brush teeth or eat. Can’t touch side of my face or drink shearing pain. Sorry don’t mean to be long winded no one understands this I think they think I am just crazy.


Mar 13, 2016 · Trigeminal neuritis/neuralgia treatment: in Brain & Nervous System

l am new to this blog still trying to explore my option with dealing with TN. I have seen a neurologist staring in January. The pain is unbearable pain is in all three branches mostly 2 and three. Taking 1200 mgs of Tegretal daily. I have good days and bad. Saw a doctor who recommended surgery as my best option. Not ready for this looking at RFL any other ones have this done with success? I cannot drive the side effects are terrible. I need to get back to work soon. Any ideas?