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Mar 17, 2016 · Dilated cardiomyopathy diagnosis in Heart & Blood Health

I was diagnosed with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy caused by an acute event in “all likelihood, caused by a virus” thispast December. I had cardiac cath that showed an EF of 10-15 and an echo that showed an EF of 20. I had a follow up echo at 90 days that still shows an EF of 20….so no improvement in my pumping ability. I suffer from chronic fatigue. My normal/baseline blood pressure is low so there is medication my dr cannot give me because it will push it too low. I take spironolactone, Lasix, 1/2 tablet bisoprofopol in th am and 1/2 tablet Entresto at bedtime. My dr said he would see me in a year and do another echo at that time. I need some answers regarding the long term if I don’t improve and I am wondering if this awful constant fatigue is my “new normal”. I have been going to cardiac rehab(very difficult but I am trying) for the past 6 weeks and I also have recently had an ICD implanted. I am scared, depressed and only have my husband to talk to about all of this and I don’t want to upset him anymore.
I am other than my cardiac problem a healthy , non smoking, non drinker 68 yr old female.can anyone in similar circumstances share their experience with me?