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Oct 18, 2016 · Spinal Stenosis & Degenerative Discs: Long-term use of epidurals in Spine Health

Virtuous, I am so sorry you are having such a difficult time managing your chronic pain. You did not mention what medicines you are taking. Finding the right medicines is crucial to getting your pain under control. Keep working with a pain specialist to find the right medicine combination. Because I had a spinal fusion of my lower spine L1-L5, I am limited to what I can do for exercise. I joined the local Y and I do some form of water exercise 5 days a week. The water aerobics really helps my depression and helps me move more comfortably. Plus I have made a really great friends. My doctor did a cortisone injection in my hip to help with a major case of sciatica. So far the pain has not returned. Stress will exacerbate your pain so consider seeing a therapist to cope with all of the things that are going on in your life. There is a lot of good information at The Mayo Clinic web site. Also, I have cleaned up my diet. I finally gave up Diet Coke, I call it Nectar of the Gods. I avoid almost all white foods: flour, sugar, cow’s milk, white rice. I focus on eating high quality protein, whole grain carbohydrates, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. If I stray from this eating plan, I will pay the price the next day. My joints will feel like they are on fire, and will be very stiff. My mental outlook will be clouded as well. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in what ever areas you need it. Lastly, Virtuous, I try to focus on things that I can do, things I know will make me feel good about myself. I go out of my way when I am out and about to look for someone struggling to get their groceries to the car, reach something from a high shelf, pick up items knocked over from a display and a myriad little things I can do to help someone in a small way. Focus on what you can do, not on what you can’t. Make sure you fill your week with fun things to get you out of the bed and involved with people. As for the irritable bowel, try ginger tea. Prince of Peace makes ginger honey crystals that you mix with hot water ,sweeten to taste. You can drink it hot or cold and it really calms the bowel cramping right on down. Plus, it helps fight inflation. I hope some of this helps you.


Apr 23, 2016 · My husband has only weeks to live in Caregivers

Overwhelmed, please accept my deepest sympathy with your current situation. My heart goes out to you and your husband. Approach the Pallative Care Nurse again. Make a list of the things you and your husband need to do ASAP. Then list action steps for each one. See how much, if any, she can assist with. You will bey in a much better place when they are done. I will pray for you and your husband. Sincerely Riverqueen1305

Apr 8, 2016 · 3 mos. post-op from 13th spine surgery, the last 8 being fusions in Spine Health

seanbeck, one of the things you did not mention was your age and overall health. That will have a lot to do with how quickly you recover. Also, what causes you to continue to need so many back surgeries. Are you sabotaging your own recovery. With the type of surgery you have had I would not recommend water skiing. I was once an avid water skier and there is too much stress on your back. One nasty fall is all it would take to reinjure yourself. As for golf, it is not ideal for one who has had back surgery either because of the trunk rotation needed to complete your swing. From this point forward you need to treat your back with kid gloves to protect the fusion. When I was in rehab I complained to my neuro surgeon I was disappointed in how slowly my latteral movent was coming back. He bluntly said It won’t because you don’t have any. Please have a very frank talk with your doctor or PT about what you can and can not do physically. Good luck

Apr 4, 2016 · Chronic pain - Let's talk in Chronic Pain

You are correct in saying there isn’t a lot known about chronic pain. I
currently suffer from sciatic pain. It is some of the most excruciating
pain I have ever experienced. Even the first pain specalist I was seeing
did not take me seriously. I now see a very competent pain specalist who
listens. A nerve block helped imensely. You have to be your own advocate
because no one else will. Good luck.

Apr 2, 2016 · Has anyone had the LEAP-MRT Food Reaction Test? in Autoimmune Diseases

MGUNEZ75 I have also had allergies all of my life. The foods I am allergic to tend to change over time. I have just been diagnosed with lichen planus, an auto imune disease that attacks mucus membranes primarily in your mouth. So, I dont thonk it is possible to identify future itmes that may cause you trouble.

Mar 27, 2016 · Spinal Fusion of L1-L4: Managing pain, what works for you? in Spine Health

Colleen, thanks for the information on not sharing my email pubically. I
hope the lady who posted this can find a few strategies that will help her.

Mar 27, 2016 · Spinal Fusion of L1-L4: Managing pain, what works for you? in Spine Health

Hello, I had very similar surgery 5 years ago due to a work injury. NO MORE TWISTING MOVEMENTS/EXERCISES. Please stop this. With the type surgery we have had that is the absolute WORST thing you can do. You HAVE to be your own advocate for back pain care. Look for and find a GOOD pain specalist, one who will listen to your concerns and does more than just prescribe pain pills. Also, clean up your diet and focus on foods that fight inflammation. Physical therapy will help as well. Most type of water exercises will help with stress relief and keeping you joints moving. Check out the web site, loosethe and see which of the strategies work for you. I have found more help from this web site that I stumbled onto quite by accident. Also, what medications are you taking? I take Neurotin, Celebrex, Cymbalta, all for nerve inflammation Nycunta for pain. Subcribe to several feeds/blogs on chronic pain: WebMD, The Mayo Clinic; Neurology Now, a free bi-monthly publication for patients and their care givers. Any time I am in a doctors office I peruse the publications in the waiting room to see what might be relevant to me. If you want to contact me directly by private message. Good luck in your journey to better quality life. Also, NEVER lift anything much over 10 pounds