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Sun, Sep 13 7:04pm · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

John, Volunteer Mentor @johnbishop
Thank you I will check this out.
My pain started back in 2010 and got worse after my gallbladder was removed in 2011. Doctors has put me on more medicine to help with the pain but nothing helps. It doesn't matter what I eat, i still get pain and the doctors have no clue what to do, and they offered nerve blocks to see if that will help.

Sun, Sep 13 6:52pm · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

HankB @jesfactsmon
Hello Hank,
In 2012, was the trailer fire. I lost 7 dogs and 6 cats in there. I can honestly say now that my mind is stuck on the fact that it was arsoned and the reason I believe this is because I lived in this trailer for 2 years and when my family would leave we would turn the main breaker off. April 19th 2012 I finally got my bill of sell and made plans to move the trailer into a country area, on April 21st 2012 we left to go and get some flowers and we decided to give our neighbor one of our babies for a surprise, (friend of ours at the time) without him knowing. When we we heading home he called my husband and asked 3 times if we had our daughter which he answered "yes".
When I was told about the fire, I kept screaming "breck in back door, bust in the glass" but he said it too late. A 13 year old female seen it all and told me she tried to save them while others just watched. When I told the person who was supposed to get a pup and he told me "if I had known that, the fire would never have happened."
My mind shut down after that, I had to go through therapy and put on meds to help me to cope of the loss of my fur babies.

Before the accident of getting hit in the head with a log, I also hit my own head with the claw part of a hammer which the doctors claim I did it on purpose. My husband told the doctor he could understand if I hit my head with the hammer twice but 6 times without me knowing I was really doing it?
This is why I'm scared of having brain fog, or clouds, I can't think or communicate when this happens and my husband makes sure that I'm in a safe place and keeps a close I on me so that I don't do harm to myself or others when this happens.

I was told I have chronic issues to where I make myself have medical problems and that I'm looking for attention.

Thank you for the idea about writing a journal on this, and I will start right away, maybe I can pin point where the fog, or cloud started and get to the bottom of what is going on.
SORRY for writing a story.

Sun, Sep 13 6:11pm · ~ Depressed and scared, not making it financially ~ in Mental Health

Amanda Burnett, Connect Moderator @amandaburnett, lolaemma @lolaemma

Yes, I talked to an attorney and they told me I can't do anything since I was hired by the temp agency. I'm also going through therapy for my anxiety and depression. I'm not giving up on getting my book published, it's only hard when I have publishers, family and friends repete almost the same thing.

I did however found a publisher who left me know that my book is good but my characters are not realistic…how much realistic must they be? They won't answer that question, so now I have to find someone to help me with this area of my book.

Fri, Sep 11 3:51pm · Problems After Hysterectomy in Women's Health

My name is Laura and I had a hysterectomy in 2018 and I was wondering if anyone has issues after the surgery and is willing to talk to me about what to do to relieve pain?

Thu, Sep 10 11:53pm · Chronic upper stomach Pain/Nausea going on 4 yrs. ALL TESTS NEGATIVE in Chronic Pain

Hello trip17 @trip17
My name is Laura and I have the same issue and the doctors ran a lot of text, and they made excuses to where I'm now taking vitamin B-12 and D3 to bring those up and they are hoping the D3 will help me with my energy level, they also proscribed gabapentin to relieve pain, my gallbladder was removed in 2011 with more surgeries in the same area after that. The doctor had me on Tramadol but I became immune to it so they had to stop prescribing it to me, but raised my gabapentin to 300 mg and after 2 weeks it will go to 600 mg's.

Thu, Sep 10 11:41pm · Chronic upper stomach Pain/Nausea going on 4 yrs. ALL TESTS NEGATIVE in Chronic Pain

coderhomer @coderhomer
I want to thank you for your post, I had my gallbladder taken out in 2011, and had multiple surgeries in that area.
After reading your post it gives peace of mind and hope that one day these doctors will find a way to relieve this pain, it's getting hard for me to eat without having pain, and doing things I used to love doing has to wait due to pain at bending at the waste. Right now my doctor is calling it neuropathy and chronic issues, and giving me medicine to take.

Thu, Sep 10 11:30pm · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

Hi Hank,
I know exactly how this feels. I have pain that keeps me awake, and when I won't go to bed until my body gets exhausted that's when I will climb into bed and pass out, when it's time to get up (it feels like I'm being pulled from a deep sleep) I don't feel or move, and I fall back to sleep again (when I think of the time of the day it might be, I pull or have someone to pull me into a sitting position), I pray that I don't wake up, but once I'm awake I thank God that I can be with my family no matter how much pain I'm in. I'm thankful for my family for helping me when I feel low about myself.