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May 25, 2016 · Is it possible to go off RA drugs by following a plant based diet in Autoimmune Diseases

My husband has put chicken and pork back into his diet but NOT often. He has found if he eats meat regularly he is in pain again.He eats no red meat. He also has cut way back on white sugar and uses honey or other sugars recommended by plant based doctors. He also used fresh ginger and turmeric when juicing. I hope this helps others here. Greens are the most healing food and for my husband meat and sugar are the enemy.

Apr 5, 2016 · Side effects of Methotrexate for Autoimmune Diseases. in Autoimmune Diseases

My husband has suffered from joint pain for many years and has found that regular yoga and a whole food plant based diet helps him a lot. He makes juices daily. We also have a high speed blender to make green smoothies with and have found the green smoothies/juices to be very healing. If my husband goes off his diet for a couple of days he does have a lot of pain.