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Feb 24, 2017 · Lumbar puncture side effects in Spine Health

Hi, Matthew! So very sorry to hear what you have been going through! On that note, I personally have been through 4 lumbar punctures, and I will be the first to attest that they can be miserable. However, they can detect certain things like meningitis and other issues that need to be addressed right away. You must take it easy after an LP and as Teresa mentioned, stay hydrated. Now, if you haven’t already, you need to see a neurologist. An MRI will be in order if you haven’t already had one. Migraine could be a possibility. Easily treatable. Have you seen your primary care provider in regards to this, yet?

Feb 3, 2016 · MS? Fibro? - Still no diagnosis. Anyone else in similar situation? in Brain & Nervous System

Lyme test and others came back negative. Back to square one for me. Ughhhhhhhh

Feb 2, 2016 · MS? Fibro? - Still no diagnosis. Anyone else in similar situation? in Brain & Nervous System

Well, after seeing my neurologist, who sent me for loads more blood work and such, he now has me set up to have another MRI done, a lumbar puncture, and a nerve test. But I noticed he ordered a Lyme test. Which got me thinking, right before this all started happening, I had discovered a bite on my leg. (Mind you this was 7 months ago). Luckily, i had taken a picture of it and had saved it. (It was strange looking, but didn’t hurt or itch, so I just disregarded it at the time.) So, I emailed it to him, asking if it was a tick bite. He responded with that he was sure of what type of bite, but to wait for the lab results. Yet, there have been no confirmed cases of Lyme in my state since 2007. Just so aggravated with no answers yet. He could’ve at least told me what type of bite it was! Lol

Jan 25, 2016 · MS? Fibro? - Still no diagnosis. Anyone else in similar situation? in Brain & Nervous System

Thank you! Ugh, neurontin is slowly but surely not doing the trick again. Thank you so much for the contacts! It seems all I do after my kids are in bed is read up on as much medical info as I can. After months of doctors, and even my husband, seeing to not believe me, I’m finally being taken seriously! I’ve learned just how important it is to be a strong advocate for your own health. Praying soon that I’ll be able to resume painting and other hobbies at night, rather than searching for answers! Thanks again Colleen!

Jan 24, 2016 · MS? Fibro? - Still no diagnosis. Anyone else in similar situation? in Brain & Nervous System

Also, I have been blind in my left eye since a I was very very young. Eye doctor has told me the nerve is dead. Nothing they can do. Vision in my left eye has gotten dramatically worse over the past few years, and I fear being blind completely. Before the neurontin, I also had tremors slightly in my hands, have fallen a few times, would have muscle spasms in my legs and back, and the back pain was now in my middle back, and neck. I almost get hot flashes, and then other times I just can’t get warm. I can’t stand being hot. I wake up in so much pain, and am tired all day long. No matter how much sleep I get. I fight taking naps because they only seem to make it worse. Feeling frustrated!!

Jan 24, 2016 · MS? Fibro? - Still no diagnosis. Anyone else in similar situation? in Brain & Nervous System

So, wondering if anyone is in a similar situation, with similar symptoms. Gave birth to my second child, my son, in April of last year. Recovery went well (2nd csection). In June, I started feeling terrible aches in my joints. Thought maybe I had arthritis starting. But I didn’t have any swelling. Saw my family doc and she chalked it up to be post partu, aches. By August, I had terrible pain in my left hip, knee, and lower back. She sent me to a rheumatologist, who ruled out fibromyalgia, arthritis, and said it was bursitis. Put me on daypro. Two weeks later, the pain had become so severe that my family doctor got me in with an orthopedic surgeon, who gave me a steroid injection in my left hip. Worked for about a week, and was back. By October I was struggling to walk. Felt like my leg was dragging, losing feeling in it. My legs would itch for no reason. Lower back and leg pain was excruciating. Started using a cane. Orthopedic surgeon ordered MRI of hip, pelvic area, and lower spine. Everything came back normal with the exception of a hemangioma on vertebra L2. So, they sent me to a neurosurgeon just last week. By this point, pain was in back and both hips now, and my left arm is getting weak now as well. Crying at the thought of using a walker. Meanwhile, my fam doc puts me on neurontin. Worked well for a week, then started losing its effect. They increased my dose, worked great. Now losing its effect again. Had brain MRI done, and that came back normal. Now I’m being sent to a neurologist. But I still have no diagnosis and feel like I’ll never find any kind of medicine or therapy that helps for any length of time. Fam doc suspects MS, neurosurgeon said fibromyalgia. Doing research on the conditions confuses me. If MS didn’t show on the MRI, then I have a feeling they’ll diagnose me with fibro. But, I don’t have any sensitive to the touch points associated with fibro. Anyone have any thoughts to help guide me in my pursuit?